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HP ZBook 14 Powerful Ultrabook with Great Portability Specs Review

The Best Portability of HP ZBook 14 Ultrabook. Do you realize how not easy to find a good portable laptop that is suitable for you and helps you do your work perfectly is? I believe you do realize that. You find so many options of laptop from many well known brand, from the prominent product brands until the new ones. They offer claimed as their best product for their customers. Then how do you know whether it is the one for you or not? You have to know well the specs they have.

You need to be very careful to choose a laptop if you do not want to be disappointed in the end. One of the things you had better do is read the reviews of the product. That will help you a lot in choosing the one you want to buy. Today I am going to give you a review of a product that can be your consideration in choosing a laptop that is good for you. Today I bring you HP ZBook 14. Once again, HP gives you their best latest series of laptop that will makes you eager to buy.

HP ZBook 14 Best Screen Display with Long Battery Life

Are you curious about what this HP’s ultrabook offer you? The ZBook 14 laptop comes with the best screen you have ever known. It has excellent design and the best features for you to complete your work. For you to know, the ZBook14 looks like an ultrabook of 14-inch a lot. It is a light laptop with 3.88 pounds in weight and measures only around at 9.33 x .83 x 13.35 in (23.7 x 2.1 x 33.9 cm), so you can easily bring this ZBook14 any where you want to go to do your work. This laptop also slimmer and lighter than other competitors, such as Dell Inspiron 14R-5437 14 inch laptop which has dimension in 9.65 x 13.62 x 1.1-1.3 inches and weighing around at 5.1 pounds.


This series has the best screen ever with full HD1080p display screen. It is one of ZBook14’s strengths. It features the highest resolution screen and unlike other competitor, ZBook14 has a matte anti-glare screen that makes it perfect to use bright light condition. The color range and brightness this series has is no match with other kind of products. To those who make scientific project or do some editing, it offers a system that is sleek and very portable. The ZBook 14 also has more than enough external ports. There are four USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet (very important for business users), a full-sized DisplayPort, VGA, Kensington lock port, a SmartCard slot, a semi-hidden SD card slot, and a docking port (shares with other HP EliteBook laptops).

HP ZBook 14 Review
HP ZBook 14 14 inch Ultrabook with Powerful Graphics Performance

The HP ZBook14 has a powerful battery life s well. It is also one of its main strength that you can have. The battery rundown can get about 6 hours 28 minutes. As for the performance it comes with an Intel Core i7-4600U processor (dual-core), a 256GB SATA SSD, 16GB of system memory, and AMD switchable graphics (both i7’s integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400 and a discrete AMD FirePro M4100 GPU). Those are good enough to create multimedia projects, editing video or play modern games.

This ZBook14 is installed with full Microsoft Windows 7 as the operating system. If you look at all that are mentioned in my review, you should make this HP ZBook 14 14 ultrabook at your top list. With the price around $2,194.46 I think it is quite good to match with it is offered inside it. So, if you are the person who really needs to have a device that can goes well with the requirements you need, we personally suggests this device for all of you. If you think this is out range of your budget, we think the $1429 Toshiba Tecra Z40-A1402 ultrabook that also shipped with Intel Core i7-4600U and weighing only around at 3.24 lbs is one of the best alternative on its class.

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