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HTC Announces Premium Tablets Coming 2015

When it comes to HTC you know that they have great design but we also know that the seem to struggle with turning profits.  So you could only imagine that it would be hard for a company with the quality they put into design to got for the lower end devices.  This was confirmed by Jack Tong, the North Asia President you stated that HTC just will not be making or releasing any low-end tablets to the market anytime soon.

Quite simply put as he explained to CNA while they were releasing to Desire smartphones and the Nexus 9 tablet, the lower end segment of tablets, those $164 and under just are profitable.  So instead of focusing on a segment that does really stand a chance for them to make money HTC will be focusing their attention on manufacturing higher end tablets.  They are set to start launching table in that segment as early as next year.

We are seeing a trend where the larger smartphones are starting to eat up some of the demand for the smaller tablet lines.  Think about this, do you need a 7 inch tablet when you can get a larger smartphone with a 5.5 inch or larger display?  More consumers are just opting or higher end smartphones with the bigger screens.  What this means is that companies need to rethink what they are doing and focus on a different segment.

HTC Logo
HTC Logo

President Tong did mention his thoughts on this, “there are actually a bit more room for growth  and product differentiation in the high-end and mid-tier tablet segments.”  True this is because the higher end tablets bring up more features and better design quality.  On top of that why spend your money on two devices and one can do exactly what two combine to get done.

It has been a long time since HTC was in the tablet market and from the sound of things you shouldn’t expect any lower-end slates anytime from the company.  While they maybe looking to launch tablets under their own branding starting 2015 don’t expect them to be budget friendly ones.  They are a business and if it doesn’t make money and help the company be profitable can you really blame them?

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