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Is the iPad Pro The Next Big Thing for Apple? (Rumor)

Could the iPad Pro be the next big money maker for Apple?  It seems as though the company may be shifting from the smaller iPad mini’s in favor of a larger 12.2 Pro version.  Seems as though the competition that the mini is facing with the phablet-sized smartphones could just be too much.  When you think of it is really makes sense.  The larger smartphones much like Apple’s own iPhone 6 Plus are huge and can do almost everything the mini can.

It doesn’t really seem to be worth trying to capture the same market as the larger iPhone with a mini iPad.  In fact the reality is that many people just aren’t buying iPads as much as they were before.  Could it be they are just waiting longer before buying, the newer ones are really adding anything new, is it just the popularity of them aren’t as great anymore, or could there just be better options available?  Whatever the reason sales dipped from 14.1 million iPads that sold in the same quarter last years as compared to 12.3 million sold in the same quarter this year.  That means that they are down almost 2 million in sales for the same quarter.


We thinking Apple is planning to pull the plug in the mini and rumors have it they will be discontinuing the mini as early as next year.  While the new iPad mini 3 didn’t come with much more than a color change and Touch ID fingerprint reader to cost an extra $100 more than the iPad mini 2 the new iPad Pro seems to be bringing much more to the table.  In fact there are suggestions that the new Pro version will have a 12.2″ display, Apple A8 processor, and possibly a keyboard cover.  We think this could be a hybrid device to take on the likes of the Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft.

iPad Pro from Apple Coming 2015
iPad Pro Mockup

I guess we will just have to wait and see want comes but there have been dates thrown out as far as the iPad Pro arriving by quarter three 2015.  Nothing from Apple and no word on pricing.  But from a design perspective expect something similar to the iPad Air 2 however with more speakers and a microphone.  Should they even continue to make iPad with all of the larger phablet phones or just come out with a much better product?

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