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Japan Expected to Get Sharp Mebius Pad in Late January 2014

That’s right Japan is expected to get the Sharp Mebius Pad with WQHD display in 2014.  What about us in the US, well don’t hold your breath.  This isn’t something we shouldn’t be use to already though as many if not most of the Sharp product never make their way here to the state and if they do it will be a long time coming.  If you really want a tablet now check out the HP Slate 8 Pro Android tablet.

Okay enough of the bickering on to the Mebius Pad from Sharp.  This 10 inch tablet was unveiled by the company back around September and it comes with the Intel Atom Bay Trail processor, Windows 8.1 and a 2560 x 1600 IGZO display.  The company has now set a date for January 2014 for release in Japan.

Some of the specs on this tablet are that the Sharp Mebius Pad will come with the Atom Z3770 processor, 2GB of RAM, support for the digital pen input and 64GB of storage.  The Mebius Pad will support both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well as come with front and rear cameras.  The front-facing camera will come equipped with 2mega pixels while the rear-facing will have 8mega pixels.  The slate from Sharp will also come with Microsoft Office Software and did we mention that the tablet was dust proof and water resistant.


New Mebius Pad from Sharp

On of the high points of the Sharp Mebius Pad is the display.  While it has been noted for not have the best color reproduction when compared to the recent Samsung, Dell, and ASUS tablets the tablet does allow for high pixel densities while using a lot less power when compared to the traditional LCD tablets.

If you would like something with a great display and won’t be able to get your hands on the Sharp Mebius Pad with WQHD than try taking a lot at some of these other tablets that might do the trick for you.  The Acer Iconia W4-820-2894 8 inch tablet and the HP Slate 8 Pro Android tablet are two tablets worth taking a look at.  The Acer Iconia is set to release in January as well while the Slate 8 from HP is available now.

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