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LAPTOP’s Best of CES 2014 Award Goes to ASUS Transformer Pad Duet TD300

Some people are going to struggle and survive their best in order to be respected as the best one and be the honorable one. When they become the best, they are able to spread their leadership over the other which has less ability. For the buyers, they will be affected too by this condition either they realize it or not. How could the people get affected by this condition? People will be curious enough to find out which company comes out as the winner and which companies who do not. They will prefer to buy those products which come out from the winner’s company. It happens the same way for the laptop or such devices.

ASUS Transformer Pad Duet is the Winner
LAPTOP is an honorable award given to the best company or best manufacturers that become the best, the most outstanding, the winner and also the different one. The LAPTOP itself will go on some researches that will find all of the requirements need to decide whether this is the best one or that is the best one compared to other things. When a company or a manufacturer is given the award of the LAPTOP’s Best of CES 2014, they will be totally exciting. Nothing can even compare to it as its excitement. It can even be the motivational thing when they have no more supporting and motivating ideas.

The motto of LAPTOP might be you speak and we will count your vote. No matter how poor your option is and how worse the laptop is, the vote will be added to the accumulation of the existing data. The LAPTOP’s Best of CES 2014 based on the reader’s choice goes to the ASUS Transformer Pad Duet TD300. It was picked as the best one with the best technology that obtains the 43.71 percent out of the total vote. Actually there is not exact reason why it is picked as the best one based on the reader’s choice.

ASUS Transformer Pad Duet TD300 Laptop
LAPTOP’s Best of CES 2014, ASUS Transformer Pad Duet TD300

It is a laptop tablet which is tagged in the price of $599, this dual-booting improves faster than the common hybrid. It can jump from the operating system of Android to the Microsoft Windows 8.1 as fast as the movement from the tablet to laptop. They are all available in Intel Core i3, i5, i7. The keyboard of ASUS Transformer Pad Duet TD300 will offer 1TB storage space. Similar to HP Spectre 13-3010dx 13.3 inch ultrabook, this model also offers very stunning viewing experience with the 13.3 inch touch screen display with support a 1920 x 1080 pixels native resolution. However, one of the most adorable features of ASUS Transformer Pad Duet TD300 relies on the ability to switch between Android and Windows.

By pushing the button, the users will be able to activate the preloaded of the Bluestacks software and jump from editing the documents to entertaining yourself by playing games. This hybrid pops out to be able to compete with the Horizon 2 by Lenovo as the second position. This Lenovo grabs the 37.41 percent from the vote. The following position goes to the products of ASUS. They are the PadFone X, Nvidia’s Tegra K1 that grab fewer than 10 percent vote. Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 by Samsung is in the bottom position.

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