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Larger iPads Expected for 2014 – Prepping for Bigger 12.9 Inch Apple iPads

With things going back and forth over the years Apple is deciding that maybe bigger is better at this stage in the game.  Rumors have it that the prepping is being done for two 12.9 inch Apple iPads to be released sometime in 2014.  Its amazing how things have gone from being the smallest around to now who has the biggest and brightest.

The rumors have been swirling for months now that Apple was suspected to be working on a larger iPad from many tech sites and every the Wall Street Journal.  Most have stated that the company would be releasing a larger iPad with some suggesting that as many as five different iPads are being tested with Apple releasing at least to of them next year.

The biggest question is though is Apple really looking to get into a bigger tablet market.  The current tablets from Apple are not that size and many people suggest that the company needs to follow suit and make something bigger than what is available.

However, this is uncommon for the company that is suppose to be the leader not the follower.  Just want should one expect from a larger tablet from Apple in 2014?  For one, we know it will be at least 12.9 inches and there is reason to believe that the displays they are working on will feature both a 2k and 4k display.

Possible 12.9 inch Apple iPad

Some news sources at stated that the larger 12.9 inch Apple iPad could be expected as early as March or April 2014 with the other sizes dropping later that year possibly in October.  The question would then be how many people would wait for the second release instead of just getting the one that would be released first.


Clearly no one knows for sure what Apple is doing outside of Apple but its great trying to gather information and put the pieces to the puzzle together.  Would releasing two separate tablets be the smartest thing for Apple to do?  Not quite sure but we know sometimes consumers prefer to wait it out especially if something better is slated to come along.

Thought Steve Jobs thought that the current size of the iPads was the correct size the company has since launched the iPad Mini to give the company a better line and array of sizes to keep up with the competition.  Now it would seem that the company is now doing the same thing by trying to introduce a size that is just under 13 inches diagonally.

The 12.9 inch Apple iPad is expected to help improve the picture quality with what would be considered ultra hight definition or UHD quality.  The tablet could be in advance stages of testing so lets hope we find more concrete information soon so we know more about what Apple is doing.  Do you think Apple needs to create a larger iPad or is the 9.7 iPad enough real estate?  Remember there are always a lot of rumors out there about these Apple products.

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