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Learn How to Disable the TouchPad on your Laptop

Yes we all usually love our touchpad and they can be quite useful. Not only that but they can really help with productivity, however there are just times when you feel that you need to disable the TouchPad. A great example of wanting to turn off the touchpad would be if you actually added an external mouse to your laptop. In this instance there would be no need for the built in touchpad function of the laptop.

When you have an external mouse attached it can get a little annoying if while you are using your laptop your hands or thumbs actually hit the touchpad while you are typing. This in fact may accidentally cause your mouse cursor to move as you had the touchpad on the laptop enabled. If you are not paying careful attention you could easily end up deleting or typing in the wrong place.

How to Turnoff  The Touch Pad on Your Laptop

If you want to make sure you don’t have the above situation happen to you you may want to consider disabling the touchpad on your laptop. Maybe you don’t want to completely turn it off at all times but at least for when you are typing a document or using an external mouse.

Disable the TouchPad
Easiest way to disable the TouchPad

While many laptops don’t’ actually have dedicated buttons to disable the touchpad feature in many cases you can use functions keys to turn on/off the touchpad. If you actually have a HP laptop you can usually hold the top left corner of your touchpad for a few seconds and it will actually disable the touch pad function. Do the same to actually turn the feature back on.


Most of the newer laptop will either have a button on the keyboard that you can push to turn the touchpad on/off and in some cases if there is not a physical button there is a icon located in your system tray that will allow you to manage the settings of the laptops touchpad. If you don’t’ actually see the touchpad icon you can go over to your Control Panel. While there go – > Mouse Properties – > Touch Pad and either enable or disable it as you please.

You can also disable the touch pad on your laptop through the device manage. Simply type in devmgmt.msc in the Run box in Windows to start device manager. From here expand the Mice and other point devices, right-on it and disable the driver that says “Touch Pad or likewise.”

Competely Get Rid of Your TouchPad

If for some reason disabling your touch pad is simply not enough you can get rid of the touchpad completely. Some people just don’t want to have the function at all so they disable it through the BIOS.

Since there are different steps for disabling through the BIOS you need to check instructions for your particular laptop. You basically need to make sure you get to the Pointing Devices in the the BIOS. There are also Windows utilities that will disable the touchpad if none of the above tips work and you just don’t want to completely get rid of your touch pad all together. Be sure to check out our Cheat Sheet for Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts.

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