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Learn How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer – Don’t Full Charge

We know this goes against what you have always heard but its something that studies have been proving. If you want to make your laptop battery last longer you should not charge it to full capacity. When if comes to laptops they are really the new desktops. Everyone has them and they are more and more important each day.

Much like smartphones the number one concern for many is getting the most out of your batter life. Too often you hear stories of people who keep them plugged in all day whether at home or at work. This is not good your laptop’s battery. If you have a lithium polymer battery in your laptop which most come with, you need to unplug it when its charged.

But Don’t Wait Until Fully Charged Though

In a story over at Wired Isidor Buchmann mentioned that the ideal state of charging should be wait until your laptop is down to 40% battery life before charging and unplug it when it is at 80% charged capacity level.

It is believed that this will make your laptop battery last as much as 3-4 times longer. By only charging the batter to 80% its preserves the batteries cell and allows less stress to be placed on the battery’s cells. Bascially the higher the chafer the higher the voltage level for each cell in the lithium battery. The more you charge your battery the more stress you put on each cell in the battery and will cause the battery to have less discharge cycles meaning shorter battery life.

Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer
Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

To put it in simple terms if you were to charge a batter to only 70-80 it is possible to get 1,500-2000 discharge cycles. However if you get your battery a 100% full charge you will only get 300-500 discharges. Seems to go against everything we know but if you want a longer battery life apparently charging it all the way is not the best thing to do.

Takes a Lot of Getting Use To

One of the reasons many people won’t really do the simple fix beside not believing is that is hard to keep an eye on the battery gauge. Most of us are just working and really want to make sure that our battery does not die out on us. Thought the ideal charge would be 80% many people say they just don’t have the time to keep an eye on it plus if they are on the go they want to make sure the battery is as close to 100% as possible.


Still the key if you really want to make your laptop battery last longer is charging only to 80% and allowing it to drop to 40% before recharging. This is a simple trick to help preserve the life of your battery. If you are interested in more information on tips to save your laptop battery life you can read our post here six tips to help with battery life. Do you have any tips you would like to share? Put them in the comments and if you like this article please share.

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