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Lenovo Leads as the one with High Sales over the market

In the field of business, there is no part of those who are king-hearted ones and those who are arrogantly becoming the leader. All of those who take part in business will be busily struggle to be the best and to become the leader. It seems that those company businesses will have its own satisfaction when they become the leader and defeat other company businesses. How can company businesses is considered that they are the leader of the sales? It is easy. When a company has the highest sales over the market and others do not improve as well as them, they are the winner.

Lenovo, the Winners of the Sales in 2013

Lenovo is stated as the one with the highest sales over the market. Lenovo has widened its leading over the HP and also Dell for months in 2013. The traditional PC that is declined has been the accepted fact for the users that both Windows and 8.1 have failed while they are stemmed to the users who rush their moves to phones and tablets. IDC has reported for about 5.6 percent or about 82.2 million units of the PC market have slipped although it is a little bit far from the expectations.

The positive future as stated by the market-research firms that although there are lots of declination made by the PC shipments in the world market, they believe that the market will increase the sales from the lowest point. Due to the high and strong growth of the tablets, the sales of the tablets will impact the sales of PC negatively. When people or the consumers skip the option of buying PC with tablets, the sales market of PC will be slower and further from the expectations.

Lenovo, best salles performance in 2013
Lenovo, best salles performance in 2013

In the previous year, the total shipment of the PC that is declined is almost the 10 percent because the consumers mostly take the decision just to wait and see. While most of the firms find their sales decreased, Lenovo has the sales of the PC worldwide during the 4th quarter, followed by HP in the second place saw the fall of the units’ shipments together with Lenovo. The sales of Lenovo in the market grew for about percent or 18.6 percent of the market share. It is about the 15.3 million units. The sales of HP fall for about 8.5 percent about 16.8 percent of the market share.

Compared to the United States, the brand of Lenovo are unable to climb out its position out of the 4th place. The shipment of the HP slipped for about 10.3 percent or about 26.5 percent of the market share. The famous brand of Apple was in the third rank with 28.5 percent that was marked as the significant improvement or about 13.7 percent of market share. Here, the up and down of the sales of the laptop over the market rely on the key that becomes the point of future success.

What are they? The market-researchers find that the lower, the light products and the cost really take part of the sales. When there is one laptop that provides all of them, perhaps it will see its sales improvement in 2014. If you are one of Lenovo fan and on the market for portable business laptop, we recommedn you to check Lenovo ThinkPad X240 20AMS05C00 laptop that offers simple elegant and rugged design, longest battery life and excellent powerful performance.

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