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Mainstream Business Laptop - ThinkPad E555

Lenovo ThinkPad E555 Notebook Mainstream Business Laptop Review and Specs

If you are a person who really likes to handle business and want an expensive notebook the ThinkPad E-series from Lenovo is one of the best.  The new ThinkPad E555 is Lenovo’s latest line-up laptop for businesses.  This is an entry level laptop uses AMD APU’s and while there are some minor visual changes to it you are going to get that same decent keyboard that comes with a matte color for your paneling.  The question however is not about how it looks but rather is the new laptop on par with the older models or could it surpass their benchmark standards.

When you think about a business laptop you want to immediately know how is it going to perform.  Lenovo’s ThinkPad E555-series is one of the more simple of laptops for business users.  This isn’t something for heavy users and the performance for this particular device will be enough for the usual office work and internet tasks.  You can get this E555 with or without Windows and the options for Windows choices are 7 Professional and 8.1 Professional which will cost you a few extra bucks.  This ThinkPad comes equipped with AMD A8-7100 APU which is based off of the Kaveri APU.  The CPU comes with a quad-core processor with 1.8GHz and up to 3GHz with Turbo. The AMD processor on this Lenovo is well below the performance of the Haswell.  The system however does run smoothly and you won’t notice and stutters or lags.

On this E555 you will get the Seagate hybrid hard drive with up to 500GB and 7200 RPM.  The hard drive for this laptop also has 8GB SSD cache which helps to make sure that the applications that are used the most get launched fairly quickly.  One of the problems however is that this drive is loud and at many cases are louder than the fan a computer worth looking at if you need a bigger stronger business laptop is the ThinkPad T440.  The graphics are supplied by the Radeon R5 graphics core which supports DirectX 11.2.  This has a clock speed of up to 5.14GHz.  For those thinking about playing games don’t unless you are looking to play low res games with low details.  The ThinkPad was just not designed with gaming in mind.  Good thing because the sound is just okay and the speakers though stereo don’t provide any bass.  If you are listening to a conference or video voices and words are easy to understand.  With this ThinkPad the best solution is using your headphones or some external pair of speakers.


The ThinkPad E555 comes with a nice 15.6″ display with a matte finish and a max resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.  This is not bad considering you are talking about a business laptop computer for under $600 but you still want decent quality for the screen.  A closer look proves that while the contrast of this panel wasn’t the best we have seen it was and is clearly better than that of the predecessors so that is a good thing.  The Thinkpad’s display does not cover the color spaces sRGB and AdobeRGB and it comes with the common TN panel.  When you have this type of technology on your notebook it means that you are going to have very limited viewing angles. On this Lenovo E-series you will notice that viewing from vertical angles are hard while horizontally you will be able to have multiple people easily look at the screen.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad basically comes with the same case and chassis as the previous models and looks almost the same when you look at the shape however there were a few changes.  First this E555-series is thinner and instead of the black color you will notice a anthracite color.  The matte plastic around the keys replaces the glossy plastic that was once there.  For connectivity you are going to get the slot for a Kensington Lock, Ethernet, VGA, HDMI, and 2x USB 3.0 ports on the left side of the E555 and on the right side you are going to find the combine audio, DVD burner, USB 2.0, AC power, docking port (OneLink) with the front of the laptop housing the card reader.

The previous E-series laptop’s come with very decent keyboards and nothing really changed with this ThinkPad E555 model.  It still uses Lenovo’s AccuType keyboard however this doesn’t come with any illumination.  As for the key design themselves they have a concave shape and a slightly rough surface.  The pressure points are well defined and this is one keyboard that sound be comfortable for almost any typer.  On the ThinkPad you will also get both the clickpad and trackpoint but unlike the previous models this one does not come with separate mouse buttons.  Instead of the buttons you will find that the top part of the clickpad is used to replace these buttons.

There isn’t much in terms of security for this device as it doesn’t come with a fingerprint reader nor TPM.  The OS on this laptop is the Windows 81 64-bit version that is preinstalled.  The battery is just strong enough to last about 7 hours while running in idle and if using the ThinkPad expect no more than  4 hours.  If you are truly in real need of a long battery life this is just not going to cut it for your business needs.

For those looking for a laptop this is simple and can take care of the basics of business users this does offer up the performance to take care of the job.  The loud hard drive that can be replaced so that the machine is quieter, the matte finish doesn’t offer the premium look but for the price it will do.  The battery life however is a completely different story as the run times are good at all.  The bottom line is that while this is the newer version we just see what the plus would be in getting the new Lenovo ThinkPad E555 verses its predecessors.  If you are willing to spend a little bit more money you are probably better off going with either the Acer Travelmate or the Lifebook from Fujitsu.

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