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Low Cost HP 15-g018dx AMD Daily Usage Notebook PC Specs and Review

Need a reliable 15.6 inch laptop for daily usage but really don’t have or want to spend a lot of money on a new one?  Well then taking a look at the new HP 15-g018dx could be a good choice.  Like most of the other laptops in the category with the 15-g018dx from HP don’t expect this to be about gaming and performance.  This is not the laptop that have a more tech savvy or professional user in mind.  The goal of this notebook PC was soley to get you a good laptop for a very affordable price.  If you are a person that clearly just needs something to do light work and play on this laptop will deliver reliable performance.

When it comes to getting a laptop at a bargain or on the lower end of the pricing spectrum you can expect that this HP 15-g018dx like other from Dell, Asus, and Toshiba to come with a cheaper build.  The chassis of this 15.6 inch laptop is made from a higher quality plastic material.  The color is black licorice and the corners are round with a very small HP logo on the lid which tries to give the laptop a more higher quality look.  While they attempted to make it look more robust and solid this is not one of the high end built machines.  Considering the price HP was able to make this machine lighter and small than some of the competitor laptops in its class. This one measures in at 10.2 x 14.9 x 1.0 and weighs about 4.8lbs.

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For power you will be looking a the new 1.8GHz AMD A6-6310 Quad Core Processor.  This is incorporated with 4GB of DDR3l SDRAM which should be more than enough for the HP 15-g018dx 15.6 inch notebook to handle your daily computing tasks. Like many other machine on the market it comes with the preinstalled 64-bit Microsoft Windows 8.1 version OS.  When paired with the AMD Turbo Boost this little machine will deliver you a processor speed of up to 2.4Ghz and working on the internet while having Office and some other program up should be a breeze just don’t over do it with 10-20 applications and programs running all at once or you will see some lag and delays.

HP 15-g018dx laptop
HP 15-g018dx 15.6″ inch Laptop

The 15-g018dx comes with 500GB hard drive space so that you are able to store documents and multimedia files as you need. Located on the right side of the laptop you will find the SuperMulti DVD burner with multiple format support that will allow you to burn and backup different formats and install applications and programs from other CD’s onto your laptop.  You want find backlit display on this particular HP notebook PC but the full size keyboards and more than enough room and space to type both comfortably and accurately.


This particular laptop does have a 15.6 inch high definition display.  The graphic card for this machine is the AMD Radeon R4 which delivers you a very decent and crisp photo and screen display.  It makes for pleasurable viewing of video, photos, and games on this HP 15-g018dx.  However for this notebook you will only be getting an internal resolution of 1366 x 768 pixel resolution.  So if you want to watch your favorite 1080p HD videos you will need to connect to the HDMI port on the left side of  the laptop and connect that to a external monitor that is equipped with higher resolution.  You will find a built in web camera that is powered by the TrueVision technology from HP and it also comes with an interal microphone if you need to make calls or connect with someone by voice.

Some of the connections that are on the HP 15-g018dx are the 3.5mm jack for your microphone and headphone, HDMI port, two USB 2.0 ports, RJ45 port and media card reader that is compatible with a SD card.  It comes with the standard WiFi 802.11b/g/n and 10/100 Base-T Ethernet LAN for all your wireless internet browsing and connection needs.  Battery life is about 4 hours before the laptop needs to be charged again and the battery on this machine is the 3-cell Lithium Polymer 2800 mAh battery.  Not the best on the market but it gets the job done.

The starting price for this HP laptop is about $329 and if you are going to be just using it for light work and gaming it is probably more the worth the money you will spend.  Some of the other things that comes preloaded on the HP 15-g018dx  15.6″ laptop are CyberLink YouCam, Wild Tangent Games, utility center, HP Connected, Adobe reader and a few other things.  This is you budget friendly laptop to so I wouldn’t be to down on some of the things that you can’t get as you are working with a particular price range.  If you are interested in a more powerful laptop for heavy use in the office or for gaming then the ASUS P550CA-XH71 that comes with Intel Core 17 and 8GB DDR3l SDRAM might be a better fit.  You can get it now over at Amazon for about 20% off the purchase price. Click here to view more Asus laptops and see if you find any that you really think fit both your budget and your needs.

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