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Custom Adidas - miZX Flux
Custom Adidas - miZX Flux

miZX FLUX App By adidas AG to Customize Your Shoes

More than six months ago there was talk about the Photo Print ZX Flux line of sneakers from Adidas.  All the talk was about the ability of being able to customize your own pair of sneakers using a mobile application.  About four months ago Adidas lovers across Europe were able to start using the app to make their own custom ZX Flux. We are sure they were able to come up with some crazy and great ideas but not much the same could be said about shoe lovers in the US.

Until today the app wasn’t available for use but now you can use either iOS or Android apps that the Europeans have have the pleasure of using for months now.  The app and the customization of the shoes are quite simple.  It works using images that you have on your smartphone.  You find the image or images you like and upload it to the miZX Flux app.  With a couple of tweaks and adjustments to get things to look the way you want them you are done.


Adidas says that pricing for these customizable shoes will start around $110 and when you place your order you can expect them to take about 4-6 weeks to be completed and delivered to your desired location.  This is similar to shoe customization like Nike ID however with less options.  Now sure how much more revenue this will bring but is looks as though a lot of people are enjoying creating shoes using the Adida Photo Print ZX Flux.

What’s your take?  Is this something that would interest you?  If not for Adidas could you see yourself doing this for maybe another brand of shoes?  Let us know what you think about the ability to be able to print designs and customize your sneakers using an app from your smartphone.

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