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MSI GT60 2OD-261US and 2OKWS-278US – Two 3K Displays

For those of you who are heavy into gaming this is more than good news.  MSI is bringing you top new laptop models that are going to feature 3k resolution.  That means you will be setting your eyes upon 2880 x 1620 resolution on your notebook.  The MSI GT60 2OD-261US and 2OKWS-278US are the two new laptops coming to the table.

The launch today shows that MSI wants to take on the world of ultra clear displays with the release of these top laptop models.  The GT60 2OD-261US will be the gaming model while the GT60 2OKWS-278US will be more towards more of the workstation model.

Both of the MSI GT60’s will come with 15.6 inch screens with 2,880 x 1,620 screen resolution that allow you to make the best of graphics and photos in 3D.  If you are concerned about the laptops having enough in the engine to power these high res screens don’t worry.  The MSI GT60’s are equipped with 16GB of RAM, 128GB SSD, 1TB hard drive and a quad core 2.4GHz Core i7.

The MSI GT 2OD-261US gaming laptop will run Windows 8 and come with the GeForce GTX 780M graphics card while the MSI GT 2OKWS-278US will come with Windows 7 and uses pro-level Quadro K3100 video.  But these babies are cheap.  No if you want to play with the best of them and see on 3K you are going to pay the price.


MSI GT60 2OD-261US and 2OKWS-278US 3K Laptop

The 2OD-261US is now available for purchase for the price of $2,200 and the big brother 2OKWS-278US will set you back $2,800.  Yeah if you want to play in style you are going to have to pay for these two MSI GT60 systems.

These MSI GT60 are expected to have rich bright colors thanks to the WQHD display and are set to weigh about albs.  The workstation version which is the GT60-2OKWS-278US model comes with Blu-ray burner drive as well.

So are you looking for a new gaming or workstation laptop with 3K?  I know that price is a bit pricey if you ask us but we are sure some people are going to love those new systems.  If a new gaming notebook is what you need but can’t afford the price of the MSI GT60 2OD-261US and 2OKWS-278US models check out the CyberPower PC Zeus Hercules gaming notebook.  This weighs in at just over 4lbs and comes in just over $1000.

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