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MSI GT80 Titan Gaming Laptop with Mechanical Keyboard

That’s right, you read it correctly.  MSI if bringing you the worlds first gaming laptop that will feature a mechanical keyboard.  For all you gamers out there that should really be a stroke of great news, hopefully.  If you are a gamer then more than likely you have had your bad experiences playing and having to settle for those chiclet style keyboards.  Well no longer, the MSI GT80 Titan laptop for gamers is looking to change that.

With this particular machine MSI is trying to target those players who know what quality is and want the best and most high performance machine out there that they can travel with.  The GT80 comes with a SteelSeries keyboard for gaming with Cherry Brown MX switches.  While some people have color favorites we are just happy to hear that the keyboard is mechanical and only adds to the performance expected to be put out by the GT80.

Want to create your own custom profiles and save them with your lighting configurations?  The GT80 Titan from MSI has you covered again.  Much like the Razer Synapse software, the rig comes with SteelSeries Engine with CloudSync.  Not only does it allow you to create profiles but you can save them to the cloud and then sync them with another laptop.

MSI GT80 Titan Gaming Laptop
MSI GT80 with Mechanical keyboard

We are not expecting this laptop to come out before the end of the year and there are no pricing for this machine as of yet.  You should start hearing more about this rig before CES 2015 and let’s not forget that the mechanical keyboard is just one of the features of the new MSI GT80 Titan.  MSI says that the new gaming laptop will be the world’s thinnest and slimmest to date and is 17 percent thinner and up to 22 percent light than the closest competitor in the gaming segment.

GT80 Titan is expected to come with a 18 inch display and will by using the Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M to push the graphics.  Don’t expect this to be a light weight machine and while portable this bad boy could weigh as much as 10 pounds.  Not something you would want to carry on your shoulder all day.  Mechanical keyboards are really popular so combine with the specs of the GT80 will that make it a winner?

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