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MSI GT80 Titan Gaming Laptop with Mechanical Keyboard

MSI GT80 Titan Gaming Laptop

That’s right, you read it correctly.  MSI if bringing you the worlds first gaming laptop that will feature a mechanical keyboard.  For all you gamers out there that should really be a stroke of great news, hopefully.  If you are a gamer then more than likely you have had your bad experiences playing and having to settle for those chiclet style keyboards.  Well no longer, the MSI GT80 Titan laptop for gamers is looking to change that. With this particular ...

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MSI GT60 2OD-261US and 2OKWS-278US – Two 3K Displays

MSI GT60 2OD-261US and 2OKWS-278US 3K Laptop

For those of you who are heavy into gaming this is more than good news.  MSI is bringing you top new laptop models that are going to feature 3k resolution.  That means you will be setting your eyes upon 2880 x 1620 resolution on your notebook.  The MSI GT60 2OD-261US and 2OKWS-278US are the two new laptops coming to the table. The launch today shows that MSI wants to take on the world of ultra clear displays with the release ...

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MSI AG2712A First 27 inch AIO Gaming PC with Radeon HD 8970M Specs

MSI AG2712A All-in-One PC

Looking for a trully All In One pC for gaming? If the quality is your big concern, we think you should take a look at MSI AG2712A All-in-One PC. Yeah, comes with a fast graphics hardware that bassed on the fourth generation of Intel Haswell i7 platform and based on the AMD GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture as graphics accelerator, the AG2712A is designed for serious gamers who looking for a great machine to enjoying latest 3D games.

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