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MyFacePrivacy Solution for Private Social Media Free Download

Having some social media that you need to open, visit and maintain them every day sometimes makes the people who are in charge of it becomes more complicated, even when the password from each social media with the other is different. Perhaps making some posts and uploading some pictures can be a funny thing which you can do with your friends. However, the users need to know that there are some risks related to the security and the privacy. Dealing with a configuration of setting for the social network, there is a free application that will takes over the jobs. It is called the MyFacePrivacy.

Single Application with Dozens of the Settings
Frankly speaking, people will be much facilitated when they have an application that can arranges all of them with the different kinds of the setting. MyFacePrivacy will be a tough application that will keep the private setting of the LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and also Google+ with the correct configuration. The good thing about this application is that it will automatically set the privacy for all sites of the social media that you are in. It can handle more than a single account for the sites.

MyFacePrivacy has a negative thing too. It is about the username with the password that you have to give to this application whenever they want to reach all of the social media. The problem is that sometimes people feel insecure in giving both username and the password included. The installer can change the home page and the default search in the browser. This application is actually free for all of the users. They do not even have to pay a single penny to get and use it.

MyFacePrivacy review
MyFacePrivacy Free Download

If the users want to get started in using this free application, they have to download and further install it. When you have successfully installed it, you will be asked whether you will use the service of MyFacePrivacy for yourself or you will share it with your children. When you have not decided, you will get the configuration settings will be changed a little bit. However, you can think about that later.

During the installation, you need to pay attention for all the default. Unless you do not accept all of the defaults then the installer would definitely change all of your search provider and its home page into the multi search. Then it goes the same way for all of the browsers. You need to give or provide no application access for each account of the social media or networking. It could begin with the account of Facebook.

MyFacePrivacy needs to connect the security setting from all of the social networking accounts that the users have. There will be some offers to choose the level of the privacy that you can pick one and each will be accompanied with its brief description too. When you ask to make the mode in restriction, it means that everyone will never be able to see your identity and it works for the vice versa. Looking for a parental applications for your children? Check also Care4teen Parental Software to control your Kids online activities.

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