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New Moto X with Football Leather Backing from Verizon

We know we see a lot of things come and go but this time Verizon is really looking to cater to the football fans out there.  While the Moto X has been available at the carrier for a few weeks now today they released the new exclusive version just for football fans or at least consumers who like football leather.

The Moto X comes with a backing that is made from the same leather used on footballs.  You can get it online now and in stores with $50 off if you get it on-contract which would make the phone $119.99.  Verizon posted the new X phone on there twitter account earlier this morning stating it was ready for purchase.

Are you the person who instead of just the regular old leather or plan wood backing isn’t just going to work?  Well maybe this football leather would be more of your thing.  Don’t go tossing it around though like its a football.  It just has that pig skin feel not sure it was meant to be thrown but we are sure someone will try.

Exclusive Moto X at Verizon - Football Leather
Football Leather Backing on Moto X

About the only thing not appealing about the leather is the big Verizon logo that is still on it.  Other than that it looks pretty sweet and it would be nice to get our hands on one to see exactly how it feels to hold.  One could only imagine that the grip would be a lot better than most phones.  Let’s see if the come out with a soccer or basketball one in the next few months.

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