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Nexus 9 Wi-Fi Only – Get it Now at Google Play Store

While the LTE version of the new HTC Nexus 9 is currently not available you still get head over to the Play Store today and grab the wifi only version.  Starting today you can get the Nexus 9 one of the first devices that is offering up the new Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system out of the box.  There are also three colors to choose from for this new device.  Black, white and also a new sand colored version that will be launching later on.

For the specifications offered for the new HTC manufactured Nexus 9 device you are looking at 8.9 20148 x 1536 screen with 4:3 aspect ratio, 2GB RAM 16 and 32GB of internal storage, 2.3GHz dual-core Nvidia Tegra K1 CPU, 8 mega pixel camera on the back with a 1.6 mega pixel front facing camera and a 6,700 mAh battery.  For connectivity check out the Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi ac connectivity, and microUSB 2.0.  If you are not sure whether you want one or not check out the hands-on review fromAndroid Central.

Nexus 9 from HTC - Sand
HTC Nexus 9 Wifi Only Sand Color

20 different places are currently offering this new Android device so if you want one you are going to have to be in one of these places.  Switzerland, Portugal, Norway, Netherlands, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, South Korea, and Ireland.  If you are in one of them and are interested be sure to grab a Nexus 9 from HTC today from the Play Store.

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