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OnePlus Has Sold Over 500k Smartphones Already

For many trying to get the One smartphone from OnePlus has been a hard task to deliver.  The company is making a very low cost device and has been very slowly allowing people to purchase them.  Many consumers can’t wait to get their hands on the Android phone but you can only get one if you have been invited and those are very limited.

While a lot of people have been really upset with the company as they don’t want to make more phone than they can sell.  From the sound of things the company does one to want excess smartphones or inventory just laying around collecting dust.  When you think about it the One smartphone is already low-price point device and making too many and not selling them will eat into those low profits.  Don’t think to many of their Android fans care and they have made it known that they wish the company would just open up and allow anyone buy the phone.


Oneplus has already sold more than 500,000 smartphones and are shooting for the one million mark by 2015.  They are slowly opening up and allowing more and more phones to be ordered and sold.  The company did try to set up a pre-order that would have allowed anyone to get inline to order one but that didn’t work out too well as the company ended up have to issue an apology for the mess up.

OnePlus Sells 500K phones
One Phone from OnePlus

At any rate there seems to be high demand for the OnePlus phone and on November 17th the company is looking to offer another pre-order in hopes that they can do a better job than they did the last time.  Hopefully for them those who really wanted the smartphone are still waiting and haven’t already gone out and purchased a different phone simply because they got tired of waiting around.  Do you think it would be worth the wait to get a phone from them?

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