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ooVoo App, Great Video Applications Now with New YouTube Features, Specs Review

Looking for best alternative of Skype, Yahoo Messenger or Google+ Hangout that also must have a capability to run on the all operating system? If you are, we recommend you to consider install ooVoo Applications, one of the most popular video chat and messaging applications. Like Skype, user also can use ooVoo to keep in touch with their family, friends or even make a conference video communications with co-workers. The big news is this application is almost is totally free, not only for instant messages, but also for video calls and voice calls.

Basically, its looks the popular messenger service from Yahoo, Yahoo Messenger but with some new features and support multiple platforms. You can install it into your PCs or laptop that based on the Windows System or Macintosh machine. It’s also support for the most popular Android mobile operating system. You can also store your captured photo or favorite music and than share it into other social network account, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. Like other video chats and messaging applications, this also support multi languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, Korean and Japanese.


If you are new member of ooVoo app, it’s easy to use this application. First time you must registered new account or sign in with yours existing Facebook or Twitter account. You can also import your old social network contact into ooVoo app, along with invited your friend and all contact to also used this app. It’s free to make a new account and text chat, but you for video conference, you will get little charge.

ooVoo Application
ooVoo App, FREE Video and Voice Calls Applications

Basically, the PCs and mobile version is has similar features and UI (User Interface). There are Video Call Recording to record your conversation, Video Messages, GROUP VIDEO CHAT, Voice Calls, Send multimedia and document files (like Yahoo Messenger), Scren Sharring and more. The “Watch Together” allows users to share their favorite YouTube video on the video chats session. Its support up to 11 friends, better than other video chat and sharing applications. For detailed features for mobile version, Windows PCs version or Mac version, along with download applications, you can check on the ooVoo App websites for further information and specs requiretment.

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