Google’s Nexus 6 – Can Google Finally Make a Big Screen Smartphone?

Nexus 6 from Google

There was a time not too long ago that many people would rather have both a smartphone and a tablet.  But nowadays it seems like more and more consumers are forgoing having both and just looking for one device to cover both needs.  That is were the phablet came into play and Google’s Nexus 6 offers another options to have two in one.  Samsung came out with the Note in 2011 and finally now Google has one in there line ...

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Bandcamp to Allow Music Subscriptions Created by Artists

Bandcamp App

If you are an Artist chances are you want every opportunity to control who and how much your music is downloaded.  Especially if it is a way for you to control and monetize it.  Well for those of you who are interested in getting a way to get help with a streaming based plan for your music the Bandcamp is here to help. The company has long been a favorite for musicians who wanted to sell both their music and ...

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 B00KHA2DQM Titanium Bronze Color Tablet

Galaxy Tab S 8.4 B00KHA2DQM

When it comes to tablets out there on the market right now the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 B00KHA2DQM is one of the best there is.  While this small tablet to some may not be the very best one of the things that puts it right up at the top of the list is the amazing display it has.  This Galaxy Tab comes with the ever wonderful Super AMOLED screen that will make everything you view with this slate seem ...

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miZX FLUX App By adidas AG to Customize Your Shoes

Custom Adidas - miZX Flux

More than six months ago there was talk about the Photo Print ZX Flux line of sneakers from Adidas.  All the talk was about the ability of being able to customize your own pair of sneakers using a mobile application.  About four months ago Adidas lovers across Europe were able to start using the app to make their own custom ZX Flux. We are sure they were able to come up with some crazy and great ideas but not much ...

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Sesame Enable Smartphone Allow You to Text and Play Games Using Head Gestures

Sesame TouchFree Phone - Nexus5

If you are someone without the ability to use your arms yet want to be able to play video games and send texts this could very will be the phone of the future.  Right now there are 10 beta testers that are able to use head gestures and voice to open and operate a smartphone.  This smartphone can send both text and email messages as well as take calls and download apps.  To unlock the phone the user simply says ...

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Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Extreme Convertible Notebook Laptop Review

Dell Latitude 12" Rugged Extreme Convertible

Let’s be clear this is not your average or typical 12 is laptop.  When it comes to a beefy well protected beast of a device the Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Extreme Convertible is protected like money in the armored truck.  Other laptops would be considered bare if they had to stack up against this heavily shielded and armor notebook.  Not only is the Rugged Extreme something that can withstand extreme climates, take a beating from being drop and even shrug ...

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