Get the New Blue HTC One M8 at Carphone Warehouse

Aqua Blue M8 HTC

For those who were waiting on the Blue HTC One M8 you can get your hands one from Carphone Warehouse.  Back in May of this year is was announced that the company would bring out both a red and blue version of the phone.  These are two new hues that joined the Amber Gold, Glacial Silver, and Gunmetal Grey color that consumers saw when the smartphone was first unveiled. If you are really liking the Aqua Blue you can get ...

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5 Best Tablets for Your Kids – Get Them Their Own Slate

Best tablets for kids

If you are like me you have a nice expensive tablet that for some reason or another your precious little one just loves to death.  The only problem is you can expect it to get thrown, dropped, smudged and more once you hand it over to them.  Instead of always having to share with them why not just get them their own tablet?  While they may not know what a home phone or typewriter is and nor do they care ...

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How to Download Hotmail Messenger To Your PC or Laptop

Hotmail Skype Messenger

For many in this day and age it may seem like Hotmail Messenger should be a thing of the past.  The fact is though that a lot of people are still using it or want to use it.  Some simply just don’t know how to get it and download it to there device.  If you are one of those people who just don’t like using Messenger anymore this post is not for you.  However for those loyal users who still ...

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Pre-Black Friday Now at Target on Video Games

Target Logo

If you don’t feel like waiting until Black Friday officially begins you can now start your shopping early especially for video games.  Currently Target is launching is pre-black friday sale for consumers who buy 3 games.  If you buy three video games you will be able to get the lowest cost one for free from now until 11:59pm PT on Saturday November 15, 2014. The is great for those who were planning on picking up a lot of games this ...

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Lenovo ThinkPad W540 20BG0016US Mobile Workstation Laptop

Lenovo ThinkPad W50-20BG0016US

Some people think that at one point the ThinkPad was the ultimate laptop for a mobile workstation. However some beg to argue that this is no longer the case while others still think the company is doing a bang up job.  The new Lenovo ThinkPad W540 20BG0016US workstation laptop has been something that has been eagerly anticipated by many.  There have been numerous changes to the ideal business laptop and though the company has great branding and some of the ...

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Review of Apple’s iPad Mini 3 – Is it worth it or Just a More Expensive Retina Mini?

iPad Mini 3 from Apple

There are rumors that the new iPad Pro will be replacing the iPad mini 3.  While as of right now it is a just a rumor you could see where there could be some truth to this.  When Apple came out with the new mini many didn’t think it warranted coming at as for other than the new fingerprint reader it was pretty much the same as the old one. Whether or not Apple just ran out of new things ...

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