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Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 – The Galaxy A Series Smaller, New, and Different

There was some chatter that there was going to be a Galaxy A series sooner or later from Samsung and now they are here.  The new devices from Samsung are the Galaxy A3 and A5 are now official.  Many say that the company just can keep competing with Apple and now that Apple has released large phone Samsung as been forced to head into a new direction.

The new smartphones are actually targeted towards the younger generation.  Both of the devices have a metal unibody design that measure just below 7mm thick and they come in six great colors for the flashy young crowd to go bananas over.

Since these devices from Samsung are aimed at the younger crowd the Galaxy A3 and A5 were designed to have a great social networking experience as well as a great camera.  The front facing camera is 5MP and comes with a array of modes that allow selfies.  The rear camera comes with 13MP but it not the focus for the design.

Samsung Galaxy A Series - A3 and A5
Black Samsung Galaxy A5 Front and Back

While there is no pricing yet it looks though it should be on the lower end as these Samsung Galaxy A series smartphones come with 1.2Ghz quad-core processors.  The A3 comes with  1GB of RAM, 1900mAh battery and a screen with 960 x 540 and 4.5 inches.  The Galaxy A5 has a 5 inch screen, 1280 x 720 Super Amoled display, 2300mAh battery and 2GB of RAM.  Surely this is not for the heavy smartphone user but younger kids probably won’t know the difference and will be happy to have a phone.

The company is releasing any specifics about the pricing for these to Galaxy A series smartphones but Samsung did mention that they will be hitting the stores as early as November 2014.  China will be the official launch market but there was no word as of yet to whether these will be making their way to Western countries.  So what do you think about Samsung’s new strategy?  Should they stick with the bigger phone or is the smaller phones the way to go for the company?

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