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Galaxy Tab S 8.4 B00KHA2DQM

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 B00KHA2DQM Titanium Bronze Color Tablet

When it comes to tablets out there on the market right now the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 B00KHA2DQM is one of the best there is.  While this small tablet to some may not be the very best one of the things that puts it right up at the top of the list is the amazing display it has.  This Galaxy Tab comes with the ever wonderful Super AMOLED screen that will make everything you view with this slate seem to come to life.  From games, videos, and pages on the internet no too many small tablet out there can out shine this one.

Sure you can no doubt find lower cost tablets and for that matter if you are willing to spend more money you can find better specs.  But for the $399 price tag, the Tab S 8.4 offering up great multimedia options as well as expandable memory this tablet is hard to beat.  Its light, thin and fast.  Not to mention that it comes with a great battery life like many others in this range.  Oh and did we mention how great the screen is?

Since the release to the Tab S 8.4 B00KHA2DQM model that have been a lot of competition hitting the market.  This slate is very similar to the larger Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and both of which you can find on Amazon.  When it comes to performance this Tab S comes with a very customized Samsung processor known as an “octo-core Exynos which features four 1.9GHz Cortex-A15 cores and four more 1.3GHz cores that save energy by switching from off to on.  While this is a great little chip is still falls short of the performance from the likes of the Nvidia Tegra K1 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 in their respective slates.  This is not a tablet that we would consider to be good for high end gaming.  The tablet comes with Android 4.4 KitKat but we are hoping to see Lollipop updated on them soon.  While the Lollipop upgrade isn’t available yet you will find its tablet friendly feature already present in the multiple user profiles.

The Samsung Tab S also comes preloaded with some things that you could probably live without such as the music player but also comes with Samsung’s video player, their e-magazine app called Paper Garden and their own app store.  You can get the Wi-Fi only model that comes with 802.11 a/b/n ac wireless along with GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC.  If you are looking for the LTE version the only one you will find will be at AT&T and that price jumps to about $500.


This Galaxy Tab S B00KHA2DQM has a great design and is very much like the Galaxy S5.  For this look and design however the Tab S 8.4 doesn’t come with the chrome bezel and comes in either Titanium Bronze or Dazzling White.  The slate itself measures 8.38 x 4.24 x 0.26 inches and weighs in at 10.3 ounces.  That makes it both lighter and slimmer than the iPad Mini 3.  On the back you will find that it comes slightly texture with this soft-touch plastic.  Just think about how the S5 is on the back and you pretty much have the same on this tablet.

For the display you have a screen that is 2,560 x 1,600 max resolution with the Super AMOLED technology which makes a really big difference.  The screen is displays great quality both in and out doors.  To keep things looking more realistic and no over kill Samsung decided to use software to help dial back the color saturation so things look good.  Another great feature that the AMOLED screen brings to the tablet is that its not a battery suck.  This technology allows for the screen too pull power slowly rather than in large gulps.  Add this to the 4,900mAh battery and you are looking at one heck of a battery life.  You can expect to get at least 10+ hours of usage with this slate and that’s with the screen set to maximum brightness and watching videos.

Samsung decided to give the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 16GB of storage however you only are able to use 11.5GB so if you love media and other things you will find that you may eat up that storage rather quickly.  Good they thought ahead and gave this little tablet support for microSD memory cards.  If you want to take photos you have your choice of the 8MP rear or 1MP front facing camera which work pretty decent for tablet cameras.  You can also shoot 1080p videos and the playback is simply awesome being able to handle DivX, Xvid, or h.264 content.  While you will surely enjoy watching videos the sound from the dual stereo speakers aren’t going to do much for you.  Forget about hearing bass and honestly you are better off listening to the sound from your headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

The bottom-line is that when it comes to Android tablets there have been a lot of good ones on the market as of late.  But while in the past they were relatively inexpensive this one comes in at $399 which is more than both the ASUS VivoTab Note 8 and the iPad Mini 2.  If you are looking a slate that is just going to be your go to for music and video nothing at the moment offers better viewing quality for the price.  There are other great options but you won’t go wrong if you decide to choose the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4.  If reading, watching videos and surfing the internet is your main goal this is a great little slate to get the job done.

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