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Have You Seen the Angry Birds Transformers Trailer?

If you are an Angry Birds fan then many of you can’t wait for the new Angry Birds Transformers that will be out later this year.  This will be officially arriving to iOS on the 15th of October while Android will get it on the 30th of October 2014.  Tired of only being able to just use that one slingshot?  Well this time you will have more firepower then you could have ever dreamed.

Angry Birds Transformers Offical Game


The new official gameplay trailer for Angry Birds Transformers shows the ability to do side scrolling, run and gun style to shoot at and destroy all those nasty little pigs that you just can’t stand.  As of today you can find the soft-launch going on in both Finland and New Zealand.  It is also expected that Angry Birds the Transformers version will be in Australia and Canada will be in both of those places before the official launch dates in October.  If you enjoyed Transformers the movie and/or love playing Angry birds chances are you are really going to enjoy this addition of Angry Bird series.

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