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Sesame TouchFree Phone - Nexus5

Sesame Enable Smartphone Allow You to Text and Play Games Using Head Gestures

If you are someone without the ability to use your arms yet want to be able to play video games and send texts this could very will be the phone of the future.  Right now there are 10 beta testers that are able to use head gestures and voice to open and operate a smartphone.  This smartphone can send both text and email messages as well as take calls and download apps.  To unlock the phone the user simply says “Open Sesame” and to lock the phone back they say “Close Sesame.”

The touch-free phone itself is actually a Nexus 5 that has been modified and installed with the Sesame software.  The software is installed on top of the Android operating system and recognizes head gestures and voice commands through the Nexus 5 front facing camera.  The software, Sesame, was developed and created by Giora Livne and Oded Ben Dov.  Giora who has been a quadriplegic for 9 years grew tired of not being able to do things like send text and other things on his smartphone.


One day Giora saw that an app developer had created a game controlled using only head gestures.  Immediately the thought was why not get Oded to make a hand-free phone since Oded had already developed the gesture controlled mobile game.  The rest they say is history as they have now made it to beta testing.  However the phone is not only for quadriplegics but for in general people who simply no longer have full control of the hands.  Whether you have ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Carpal Tunnel, or another illness.

Currently the team is trying to raise $30K in order to finalize a prototype and bring the Sesame Enable Smartphone to production.  The phones are not limited and anyone can get one, (the Nexus 5 with the Sesame software), by simple pledging to their Indiegogo campaign of at least $350.  They are hoping that all goes well so that they can have everyone who pledged to the campaign their own personal device by March 2015.

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