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Simple Tips : How to Running Old Program on New PC

Easiest way to Running Old Program on New PC. It has been a habit that someone does something continually in a long period. It is because someone or some people cannot be away from doing those activities every day and every time. When it happens, the folks or the users will not be able to concern about the other thing they need to focus on.

For example, there is a guy named Ken and he cannot stop playing the game that he has bought when he was running the version of the Windows 98. Frankly speaking, it is an old game that should be replaced with the new ones, is not it? However, for the game addicts, no matter how old their games are when they love it they will struggle as hard as they could to own in again. The big question is, how Ken can run or install the old game on the new PC

Run Old Program on New PC, it is possible?
Running old programs on new PC sometimes becomes the discussion on some forums related to the forums that talk about the technology, gadgets and also software. As people know that there will be the time for them to let the software goes and get it replaced. Then the users will be asked whether they want to choose the backward or future capability. When the users want to use the Windows 7 or Windows 8, you will lose some programs that are not compatible with the latest version of the Windows you have.

If you are the person who attempts to running old programs on the new PC but it is not compatible, there will be a pop out box that shows the inability of the program in the computer’s version. For your information, there are 3 operating system of the windows. They are the 16-bit, 32-bit and also 64-bit versions. The bigger version of the operating system, the greater display of the programs that they will see in front of their eyes. When you do not know which version you are in right now, you can check by yourself. Here are the ways. First, click the Start and right-click the Computer and then select the properties.

How to Running Old Program on New PC
Simple and fast ways to Running Old Program on New PC

When running the Windows version of 32-bit, you will be able for running the programs that you want to use the most. You can right-click of the file in the format of .exe or a shortcut into the file of .exe. After that, you can select Properties and click the tab of the Compatibility. After that you will see the option of “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and check it then select an appropriate one. After it has been finished, you can launch it again. Truthfully, some people need to struggle through some options that you need to take before finding the best one.

However, those tips are does not work for all versions of the Windows. When you prefer to use the 64-bit, then you are not free to choose the one that you wished it to be yours. It is because the choices given are actually limited. When using the 64-bit version in Windows 7, Windows 8 or Vista, the options will be closed for you. When you have an old version of the Windows to run some programs, you can download and then install the virtual machine program for free. Yeah, the simple way to running old program on new PC is uses VMware Player, one of the best applications to install virtual machine app on your new PC or laptop. If you only want to changes your Windows 8 interface to the older Windows OS version, we also have the simple tips to do that.

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