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How Do You Speed Up Your Laptop? Good Question and Tips

You know having a slow laptop can just cause Freddie Krueger sized nightmares. Knowing what you can do to speed up your laptop and save you hours of frustration. On fortunately there are so many ways or things that could make you machine slow down over months and years of use.

Stop searching for ways to speed up your laptop and use some of the simple tricks and tips listed below. Some are quite simple and others are free. Of course I think everyone loves getting information for free especially when if comes to dealing with the speed of the laptop. (Check also our previous tips to make your laptop better for gaming)

Speed Up Your Laptop By Cleaning Up Your Desktop

Look we know that saving things to your desktop is the easiest way to save programs and files. But look this is one of the things that is just killing your laptop’s performance. Not only that but you end up with a screen that just looks horrible.

While it may be more convenient for you to save things placing all your documents and files on the desktop pushes all those file loads to your hard disk drive. Hmmm you don’t know what that means? Well to put is quiet simply the more files you save to your hard drive the slower you laptop speed is going to be. So stop putting them on the desktop. You should also check hard disk health on your laptop, because it also can slow down multitasking performance.

I Spy You Spy We All Have Spyware and Viruses

Malware, viruses, and spyware can all do a lot of damage to your laptop. Killing the speed is just one of the problems but since we are talking about increasing your laptop speed lets get to it. Malware and viruses are things that just beat the crap out of your laptop. If you are not careful you could end up losing your entire laptop because of not properly having your system protected with an updated anti-virus or anti-malware program.

Spyware are just like the name says, its something that basically spy’s on you and your computer. Spyware typically runs in the background with the user knowledge and sends whatever information back to the host. There are a lot of free and paid spyware products to help get rid of the problem.

Autoloaders – Roll Out

I know poor choice of words if you aren’t familiar with Transformers. Another tip to help you speed up your laptop is to make sure you clean out your autoloaders. To the average users everything is working just fine.


However whenever you boot your laptop there are automatically programs that starts. The problem is that there could be a lot of programs starting that don’t need to start. Having all of these programs start every time you boot your laptop is something else that just pumps the brakes on the speed of your laptop..

Try Updating or Upgrading Hardware

if you enjoy gaming then you probably already know that the key here is to look at your graphics card. This is one of those things however that can get pretty pricey if you want a faster laptop for better video and speed.

Usually though most people go straight to adding more RAM when they want to increase the speed of there notebook. More memory is always good but I have found that just increasing memory alone does not a fast laptop make. You usually will have to do something other thing in addition to adding RAM.

So can also try adding a solid-state drive (SSD) for more storage. But this is something you will need to learn how to install and a lot of people just don’t want to be bothered but it works.

How to speed up your laptop
Speed up your laptop now

Simple Yet Effective – Clean Your Computer

You would think that of all the things people would try doing to help them speed up their laptop this would be the #1 thing. If you really want to speed up your laptop delete programs, tools, apps and software you either don’t need or don’t use. Some of these software programs take up so much that just having them on the computer slows it down. You can also check the hard disk health in laptop.

If you want to speed up your laptop, you should be careful when removing things off of your computer. If you don’t know what you are doing you can actually make it worse then it was. Usually to remove programs/software all you need to do is go to the control panel and delete/remove them.

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