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SpotFlux Free VPN Internet Privacy Mac and Windows Download Review

Get the Anonymous Identity by the SpotFlux Free VPN. Sometimes, people are in need to hide their identity in order to reach some personal purposes. First of all, people sometimes need to have another identity to be shown to other people. For examples some people stay in Europe and they want to show their identities in China. Else, people cannot penetrate the system that has been created by some official websites all over the world. One of them is the famous tripadvisor. It is the most accessed website internationally when it comes to the restaurants, hotels, and also vacation rentals.

How this VPN Works?
When people want to hide their identities, there are some options of the free and paid services of the VPN. The VPNBook needs no cost while it is going to be used, yet the features could be limited. They cannot have the same password to be used over and over again. The solution could be finding the username and password that will change over the time. SpotFlux Free VPN will offer the free service for all of the users that will help them block some dangerous sites. There will be no limit of the bandwidth and it can be used in multi-platform too.

This SpotFlux Free VPN is simple and the process of the encryption the online activities. However, when you do not feel satisfied with the free version you can update into the premium or the paid version. It takes for about $30 for a year that can be used for up to 5 different devices. What about the working process of such VPN? Well, here is the brief description for it.

SpotFlux Free VPN
SpotFlux Free VPN for Windows, Mac and Android

Each computer that you have will have an IP address that is assigned by the ISP to know the exact location of the ISP itself. When the VPN and its groups are used, people can penetrate the blocked sites such as accessing the YouTube from the blocked made by Germany, accessing the famous Facebook which is banned in China, and so on. When the access is limited then the VPN will help people in fulfilling the needs.

SpotFlux Free VPN will make everything possible since it can encrypt the entire online traffic and it will keep the data hidden in the safe place. Yet, it will also protect the overall online activities done by all the users. Then let us get started from the interface. As it is the simplest VPN program to use rather than the VPNBook, the writer decided to try the SpotFlux to know the differences. She started to download and install it from the website and began the overall installation.

After the installation has been done, the Free VPN service will be launched and the users will directly connect their PC to the servers of the VPN. There will be a message welcoming the users by the features of the SpotFlux. As a suggestion, it is better when the users have blocked the popups to avoid the annoyance whiles using this SpotFlux. It will not bother the users when they have blocked it. If you only need a privacy for Social Media activities (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and also Google+), we suggest you to check MyFacePrivacy app.

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