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ASUS Transformer Pad TF0310C-A1-BK 10.1″ Tablet Review for Those on a Budget

Transformer Pad TF0310C-A1

Do want to get a new tablet for yourself or someone you love but not sure on just what to get?  Maybe you are looking for a gift but just don’t want to spend a lot of money however you clearly need something nice.  So you have been looking around and found the ASUS Transformer Pad TF0310C-A1-BK but are not sure if you should get it or not.  Well you have come to the right place.  ASUS is known for ...

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 B00KHA2DQM Titanium Bronze Color Tablet

Galaxy Tab S 8.4 B00KHA2DQM

When it comes to tablets out there on the market right now the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 B00KHA2DQM is one of the best there is.  While this small tablet to some may not be the very best one of the things that puts it right up at the top of the list is the amazing display it has.  This Galaxy Tab comes with the ever wonderful Super AMOLED screen that will make everything you view with this slate seem ...

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5 Best Tablets for Your Kids – Get Them Their Own Slate

Best tablets for kids

If you are like me you have a nice expensive tablet that for some reason or another your precious little one just loves to death.  The only problem is you can expect it to get thrown, dropped, smudged and more once you hand it over to them.  Instead of always having to share with them why not just get them their own tablet?  While they may not know what a home phone or typewriter is and nor do they care ...

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Review of Apple’s iPad Mini 3 – Is it worth it or Just a More Expensive Retina Mini?

iPad Mini 3 from Apple

There are rumors that the new iPad Pro will be replacing the iPad mini 3.  While as of right now it is a just a rumor you could see where there could be some truth to this.  When Apple came out with the new mini many didn’t think it warranted coming at as for other than the new fingerprint reader it was pretty much the same as the old one. Whether or not Apple just ran out of new things ...

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Dell Venue 11 7000 (7140) Pro Tablet Gets New Core M Processor

Dell Venue 11 Pro Tablet 7000 Series

If you didn’t get the original Dell Venue 11 Pro powered by the Atom processor don’t be too upset.  In fact you may be happier with the new upcoming Venue Pro 11 7000 from Dell.  This particular Venue will will fall in the middle of pricing when compared to the two older models that featured the Atom and i5 powered devices.  The starting price will be just under $700 which is still $380 dollars less than the previous i5 model ...

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HTC Announces Premium Tablets Coming 2015

HTC Logo

When it comes to HTC you know that they have great design but we also know that the seem to struggle with turning profits.  So you could only imagine that it would be hard for a company with the quality they put into design to got for the lower end devices.  This was confirmed by Jack Tong, the North Asia President you stated that HTC just will not be making or releasing any low-end tablets to the market anytime soon. ...

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