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Microsoft Plans Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 Complete Bundle for Weekend

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Complete Bundle

Apparently there has been a lot of confusion going on about the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 bundle from Microsoft.  From a video that either wasn’t finished or should have been made live for the public consumers were under the impression that you would be able to get the Surface 2 bundle for $149 and the Surface Pro 2 bundle for $249 on or around December 14, 2013. That appear not to be the case and with clarification from ...

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Fresh New White Nexus 7 Android Tablet from Google

Back of white Nexus 7 Tablet

Finally a new color from Google for their Android tablet.  The white Nexus 7 tablet from Google was revealed.  There is not LTE at this point but this comes as to a surprise as we are sure no one was expecting a new colorway to be released for this.  The new Nexus 7 tablet in white is the same as the black one that was released earlier. The entire tablet however is not white.  The backing is the only thing ...

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Kindle, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX on Sale for the Holiday at Amazon

Sideview Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

Thinking of getting yourself or a friend a new tablet for Christmas?  Well be sure to check out the deals over at Amazon as they have the Kindle, Kindle Fire HD, and the Kindle Fire HDX all on sale just in time for the holiday gift giving season.

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Double Trouble More Tablets Coming from ASUS with Windows & Android

Possible Android/Windows Tablet

Seems like ASUS is on the move as of late in the tablet industry.  The company has the Transformer Book T100 tablet/laptop that is making waves for the low cost of $349 and now there has been found information regarding ASUS having plans to release several new tablets for the year 2014. Oh but that not the best part of it though. The thing is that we know ASUS has been successful at making the Nexus 7 for Google and ...

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New Nexus 8 Tablet Could Be on the Way – LG V510

Nexus 8 LG V510

Could there be a new Nexus 8 Tablet coming your way soon?  If the leaked LG V510 that was leaked on Google has any clue we could be in for a new tablet in the near future.  There are many people who are questioning the product that they saw on Google products this week. Evleaks took to Twitter to say that it has heard that the new Nexus 8 will come in the form of the LG V510 tablet.  For ...

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Hammacher Schlemmer’s The No Glasses 3D Tablet Is Real and Here

The No Glasses 3D Tablet

For all of those who simply enjoy 3D but hate having to wear those stupid glasses have no fear.  The No Glasses 3D Tablet from Hammacher is here and ready to save you from despair. The tablet is the only tablet to date that allows you to watch 3D movies and images without the need of a pair of unsightly glasses to make them come to life. Just how did Hammacher Schlemmer make The No Glasses 3D tablet work?  Well ...

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