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Tablet for Your Kids – iDeaPLAY Tablet Specs and Review

Almost every family today has some type of computer, laptop, or tablet. Thing is that these days more and more companies are trying to target the younger generations. I mean like under 15 when it comes to electronics. Tablets are no different. iDeaPLAY tablet are some kids friendly tablets that we have seen and read a lot about.

If you have children that can seem to stay away from your smartphone or tablet why not get them something that they can use. What to make sure your kids are learning while playing games and also make sure they are not getting into things they shouldn’t?  Then you maybe interested in seeing what iDeaPLAY from IDeaUSA has to offer.

Specifications for iDeaPLAY

This iDeaPlay Kid’s tablet come with 1.2GHz dual core A20 and 1GB of RAM. For storage you are getting 4GB and the screen is a 7 inch display with 800 x 480 resolution. The operating system is Android 4.1 and while it does come with a front facing camera for resolution is very low.

iDeaPlay Tablet review
iDeaPlay Tablet 7 inch Kids tablet

It weighs in at .57lbs and Wifi is 802.11 with ports USB, HDMI, and microSD.  The battery is 3200mAH li-Polymer and it supports flash 11.1. When you buy a iDeaPlay Tablet you will also get a micro USB cable, power adapter, USB don gel, tablet cover and earbuds.


It also comes in costing about $129.00 and the tablet itself has a 1/2 inch bezel that surrounds it. You can also get additional bumpers in many colors from iDeaPLAY as well and the total dimensions of the tablet is 7.25 x 4.75 x 0.5 inches.


When it comes to the display there is not much to talk about. With only 800 x 480 screen resolution you are not going to get a crisp clean look. In fact the iDeaPlay tablet was a little fuzzy when it comes to the visual screen display. While some times the colors appear to be really bright you will notice some pixelation.

Viewing from different angles also might be a problem and if you title the tablet away from you iDeaPLAY 7 inch tablet will get a little dark on the screen.

For $129 you may not be expecting great things but its affordable and for the most part parents are just wanting the kids to have something that helps them learn and feel like the are an adult or at least a big kid. We feel that there are however some better alternatives that will give better screen resolution and performance.  The battery life itself kinda of makes it hard to make this the go to tablet for kids.

If you are looking for a kid friendly tablet for you little one you can try this IDeaUSA iDeaPLAY tablet and let us know what you think. Not sure if it will bother the kids especially if they are not use to using some of the higher end models. They will just be happy to have one of there own.

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