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Lenovo G50 80L0000QUS Budget Laptop with Large Memory Specs Review

Lenovo G50 80L0000QUS review

Lenovo G50 80L0000QUS Budget Laptop with Large Memory Specs Review. Do you really need a new Lenovo 15.6 inch laptop for daily use but did not want to breaking the bank? If you are on the market for en entry level notebook with DVD drive, we think you should consider to buying new Lenovo G50 80L0000QUS Notebook. Yeah, comes with the 4th generation of Intel Haswell “Core i3-4030U” processor with two cores as the heart and running on the latest ...

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Acer Aspire E5-571P-51GN Powerful Mainstream Budget Laptop Specs Review

Acer Aspire E5-571P-51GN review

Acer Aspire E5-571P-51GN Mini Review and Detail Specifications. There are many new touch screen laptop that available on the market, but if you preferred with Acer Aspire laptop’s performance, we suggest you to take a look at Acer Aspire E5-571P-51GN laptop. Like common sub-$600 laptop from another company, the Aspire E5-571P-51GN 15.6 inch mainstream laptop also comes with some interesting features, such as 4th generation of Intel Haswell i5 processor with 8GB of DDR3L RAM for multitasking tasks, plenty of ...

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Dell Inspiron 15R i15RM-7538sLV Mainstream Laptop Specs Review

Dell Inspiron 15R i15RM-7538sLV review

Redesign and rebuild newer laptop with new technology is the proofs that technology has been improved a lot. There are many manufacturers which are going to provide the better and the best devices for the people all over the world to substitute their latest products with the better one and the better features. It is aimed to make all of the environments grow up in a better way and also to make the people do not fall behind the others’ ...

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Dell Inspiron 15R i15RM-1465sLV Stylish Budget Laptop Specs Review

Dell Inspiron 15R i15RM-1465sLV review

I need to buy this one and I want to swap this one to that one that has better features and modern facilities. Perhaps this kind of thinking can appear in people’s mind when they know that the one they have at home is not the latest version available. Yeah, the newest version is commonly comes with better appearance, sleeker design and promises better performance than the predecessor. But, wait. What about the latest Dell Inspiron 15R line up, the ...

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Dell Inspiron 15R I15RM-5125SLV Sleek Core i5-4200U Laptop Specs Review

Dell Inspiron 15R I15RM-5125SLV review

An idea of substituting the previous version to the newer version might cost more expensive but brings newest technology. Most of the users will look for a better and newer one when they find that their laptops unable to work as the usual or they need a better machine which brings more power for hard work. Perhaps they are too hard while they are being used by the users or other kinds of reasons. When such situation happens to you ...

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ASUS Zenbook UX301LA-DH51T Gorgeous, Sleek and Powerful Specs Review

ASUS Zenbook UX301LA-DH51T review

Have you ever heard about a part of the leading brand of the laptop and such named ASUS? Frankly speaking, it is a part of the leading brands in the world that produce, provide, and sell their goods not only in their own country but also worldwide. That is why they have to provide best or their brand will be underestimated not only locally but also internationally. By surviving their best and trying to hit the spot exactly, the brand ...

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