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Tegra Note 7 Gets Camera Enhancements and Android 4.3

The Tegra Note 7 was release about 2 months ago.  At that time a lot of people felt like it was still missing a few things.  Apparently so did NVIDIA as the company promised from day one that users of the new Note 7 would get fast updates to help fill in some of the gaps that the tablet was missing.

Well the time as come and the NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 that will only set you back about $200 is getting that update as promised to fill in some of those much needed holes.  The refresh comes with the Android 4.3 update and some other goodies that users may find handy.

For those who really use the camera you will be happy with the Always-on HDR or AOHDR.  This makes sure that users can take pictures in real time HDR without having to wait several seconds for the camera to process the first photo before they take another one.


Updates and Enhancements for Tegra Note 7

Many feel that the Tegra Note 7 should have came with this feature from the very beginning but hey do you realize that you just got a decent tablet for under $200?  The update also brings along with it the left handed stylus support, notifications and the ability to transfer files to microSD from internal memory and improvement in DirectStylus’ response.

No the Android update doesn’t give you the latest and greater 4.4 Android version but the company plans on bringing it to the Note 7 sooner than later.  The company is clearly working to bring the Tegra Note 7 tablet up to speed and our hats are off to them.  Not only for making an inexpensive tablet for people to enjoy but also going out of the way to make it as good as possible for the price you had to pay for it.

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