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Telltale Release Walking Dead Season 2 Game Review, Trailer, Download

The Walking Dead is the name of the popular Western series that has been waited by its fans worldwide. People will have their own satisfaction whiles describing the detail of this movie. It could be the greatest effect of the zombies when they are walking from a place to the other. It could be the reactions of the people when they see the flock of the zombies, and so on. They can remember how scary the people are and how great the movie makers have creates the perfect series. After getting the first season ended in the high rating, then the expansion of this famous movie goes to the Walking Dead Season 2 game.

What are the Goods about Walking Dead Season 2 Game?
The last Walking Dead Games from Telltale Games will be the game that people will be waiting for. Perhaps the first time when the users want to play this game is a little bit strange and unattractive. It is because the game looks like a conversation which you can only pick the best statement to reply the previous speaker. However, there will be some parts too when the players have to look for something and it is not totally easy.

In fact, the presence of the Zombie Season 2 Game is predicted as a better option for the players. After passing some traumatic events from the previous series of the Walking Dead, the entire players have to put the control in Clementine that reflects the young girl who has the sincere heart. When you are in the Season 1 of the Walking Dead, your options will be carried over and in the second season the mostly seen character goes to the Clementine. Yet, the Telltale does not make a way for the users to get their own character.

Walking Dead Season 2 Game
Walking Dead Season 2 Game Trailer, Predection and Review

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In the previous season of the Walking Dead, the good thing is that the players can be able to see the galleries of the characters while in the Walking Dead Season 2, the character of the Clementine is emphasized here. The players have to explore some small areas, go here and there examine the items, talk to some people, find the solution for the puzzle, and such. However, the bad thing about this game is that all of the animations of the characters look so awkward.

Walking Dead Season 2 Game Trailer

When the season 1 offer something dark started from the beginning then the following season will a little bit reduces it. The Walking Dead Season 2 Game is considered as the better version than the first one although the first episode is falter. This game will offer the interactive fiction with heavy lifting that can be used to live the forebear up. It comes out to the market with only short episodes that we, as the users, can explore and enjoy. In order to torture the Clementine, the makers use 4 episodes itself. Yet, the users will highly hope that the Telltale will create it even longer so that there are more things that the users can enjoy and explore there.

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