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Are You Think Opera 18 too Radical? Review Download and Features

When you are the person who always goes here and there and your hobby is doing the mobilization, then Opera 18 may be created especially for you. When mobilizing is the usual activity done by you and you have different devices for getting connected with the people around you, it means that you will switch from the desktop, mobile phone, and also tablet. When you are loyal only to a PC, for example, this model of Opera browser might not be suitable for you. As the expansion of the previous Opera 15 with the different styles from the Opera 12, Opera 18 is the latest and the most updated series before getting ready to the later Opera 19.

A Focus on the Tablet, Phone and Desktop
Opera 18 frankly takes a great approach for the users when they want to browse the design in order to be fitted well for the tablet, phone and also desktop. When you are the person, who relies on such bookmarks when opening a browser, you will be facilitated by the Opera 18 as they will provide the best part as the browser. There will be a feature of Opera 18 named The “Stash”. This feature is considered as a helpful, useful and also effective in the traditional way of the functionality.

By installing this Opera 18 on your device, you are able to activate the “quick access bar” and it will work effectively to help you stimulate the usual bookmark menu you used to use before. The features of Start Page and Stash will be encouraged to all of you as the replacement of the bookmarks. In Opera 18, everything is based on pages; it means that you have to change the page where you are looking at and where you are accessing to go to the Stash or the Start Page. When applying this Stash, the users will feel a radical change over them. It is because the Opera 18 offers a radical movement so that the users will find it as a depressing change.

Opera 18
Opera 18 Free Download

As the previous version, Opera 12 have made the horizontal space on the desktop monitors of the users with the sidebar tabs and also multi-pane second sidebar that can provide the history, notepad, downloads, bookmarks and so on. While in Opera 18, you will find nothing like you did in Opera 12. It seems that the newest and the latest version of Opera offer simpler display to all users. However, some of them might have been removed. Some sources state that the key features of this Opera are hidden or missing somewhere. Also the missing point of this Opera 18 is there is no sidebar occurred in this version.

What about the themes such as the wallpapers and the screen savers? They are all available, indeed. If you are the person who really pays attention to the every single pixel for the display, this Opera will fit you perfectly. All tabs can easily be dragged from the window you have opened into another window that you are going to use. You will also get very responsive and light UI. There will be some forums that discuss about this version of Opera 18. Moreover, these forums will kindly accept all critics, tolerance, complaints, inputs, suggestions and also supporting and motivating words. They are eager to respond it enthusiastically.

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