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Throw Your Sadness When Losing Winamp by these Audio and Video Players

For the people who are inseparable with music, and them think that music is the essence part of their life, loosing the device or media for them to listen to the music is a crucial problem. They will lose part of their lives and they will be haunted by sadness and sorrow. When moving on seems so hard and living without it sounds impossible, the writer actually has many options that will help you move on with the previous soul mate music app, Winamp. You can throw your sadness when losing Winamp by install these audio or video players. Wait, these options do not have less features like the Winamp does. These audio or video players are all comparable because the features are not different in radical comparison.

Audio and Video Players to Move on from Winamp
As the technology gets improved from time to time and from the previous decade to the latest decade, many options of the audio or video players with the supporting details for the program you have. They are AIMP 3, Windows Media Player, iTunes, PowerDVD 13 pro, VLC, and Zune. These options are marked as the effective and efficient options that the folks can consider.

AIMP 3 – This free player will restore the folk’s faith like they did in Winamp in the threat order in the universe. The bad things about this player is only the small buttons and unknown text nears the player. However, the writer found out that this player provides easier way to listen to music rather than Winamp. AIMP 2 is the handsome version of the Winamp 2. It gives you bunch of effects that can give the folks their own pleasure and satisfaction. As the good listener of some music, you can even set up the level of the tempo, bass, pitch, and other spatial effects.


Windows Media Player – Another option that can throw your sadness when losing Winamp in your PC or other devices is Windows Media Player. The different part of this audio player is the ability of itself to compete with the program that comes from Windows. It will have the best and the unbeatable sound in WOW spatial effect.

iTunes – The first time you are going to use this player, the user needs to wait a little bit longer time for the player to render the music for the Windows users. It is a competent and well-organized music player for all the people. iTunes will support the video but the DirectX filters are not readable so it will be read as nothing.

PowerDVD 13 Pro – It is not a free player but it will be compatible with a wide range of codecs. It will facilitate the folks to listen to their good music, photos and video. Blu-ray movies can be played through your PC.

PowerDVD 13 Pro review
PowerDVD 13 Pro Best Audio and Video Player Software

VLC – VLC will be the audio or video player that will help the folks to play many kinds of music and video. It can be used as a single player to play all kinds of different codec in portable version too.

Zune – A great engine not only for playing the video but also playing the songs in awesome output or results. It can rip and burn and also handle some photo, audio and video well. If you need a burning software, we suggest you to look at Ashampoo Burning Studio 14.

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