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Tiny Brains 3D Puzzle Game for Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 Review

Solving These Puzzles in Tiny Brains on your PS4 and PS3. Instead of playing an adventure game or a fighting game, sometimes puzzle becomes a great option for the children even the adults who do not like to play something difficult and complicated. Puzzle can be an option for those who like no drama, no complicated plot, and also no emphasized character. Perhaps the most common puzzle that people will often play is the simple play of the game. It means that they can only play it in a single character. It will be as same as other kinds of game. You need to try a new and different one.

Dig the Interesting Tiny Brains
These days, the users can find out the new and interesting game called the Tiny Brains. When you are digging into the center of this game, then you will find out that the concept of this game is about the four friends who are going to solve the puzzle together. The good thing about this game is that the creator has created to divide the game between the single players or the cooperative game. Single player can be a little bit tough to solve the entire game, right? However, the decision is all up to the users.

Tiny Brains Game
Tiny Brains Puzzle Game

However, people do not have to imagine a clear and also well-arranged game. It is because the¬†Spearhead’s Puzzle game is a messy, repetitious, and also safe game. It is an expansion from the silly gimmick. The entire game is different from the usual puzzle game. Those common games will usually show a full screen of a puzzle and the players have to find the solution of it. There will be no clear character of the person who plays it because it is not definitely needed.¬† It is a cooperative game in which the users require teamwork in order to reach the goal.


Tiny Brains Trailer

The users need to have the necessary skills to solve the puzzle and further divvy between the four different characters. They are the bat, the rabbit, the hamster, and also the mouse. The bat will shove some object, the mouse will swaps the places with the objects, the rabbit will attracts some objects to come near, and the hamster will materializes the platform of the ice to help them reach the high places. Tiny Brains is an online game that you can play either by yourself or by joining in a group.

Indeed, playing solo is much freer because you can control everything to make everything just go as you want. Yet, playing solo can makes you become painful. It is because they have to switch between the characters that can happens simply by the tap on the button of the shoulder made. The makers of the game have perfectly created the character of Jules who can have the abilities to change the characters even when the users do not swap or tap the shoulder. The users may only be able to use this character only in limited mode that it cannot be used after the game has been completed. Like Battlefield 4 Battle Game, the Tiny Brains Puzzle from Spearhead Games Developer also can played with your other friends simultaneously via multiplayer mode.

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