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Tips and Tricks for Using Microsoft Word in 2014

We are all looking to get the most out of all of our computers, laptops, smartphones, and applications.  If you are like me you use Microsoft Word a lot. Today we will look at a few tips and tricks for Microsoft Word that will have help you get a leg up on the competition for 2014.

Many of the tips and tricks for Microsoft Word will work for older versions as well. These are all things to help you save time and be more productive when working with Office. Be faster and more effective than ever. Are you ready to learn some new tips and tricks for 2014?  Let’s get started.

Using The Hidden Calculator in Word

Did you know that Word had a calculator? Many will say its hidden but you just need to know that its there and how to use it. Forget about having toggle to the calculator when you can use this trick to get all your simple arithmetic done in your word document.

Simply type out your math expression in your document.  When you are don simple highlight and press the calculator button. You answer will actually display in the status bar. To add the Calculate Command to your Quick Access Toolbar go to – > Word Options -> Quick Access Toolbar and switch to All Commands.

Microsoft Word 2014
Tips for Microsoft Word 2014

Watch and Send Videos In Your Word Document

This actually may not be good for some people but you can actually insert and watch online videos in Word. One of the features you can use from Word in 2014 will be to insert videos from Youtube and Bing into you documents.

Many times you will have to watch a video and write or summarize what you saw. Sometimes you need to pause and rewind. Instead of having to toggle back and forth just simply have the video playing while you are writing.

Do use this trick go to the -> Ribbon ->Insert Tab -> Online Video. From there you will have the option to select whether you want to search Bing or YouTube for videos. It also gives you the options to paste the embed code for a specific video as well.


During this you will receive thumbnails for the videos you search for and you and click preview to make sure this is the video you want before inserting it into your word document. Just click insert and you are done. Either watch the video for yourself or email it to someone and they can watch the video as well.

How to Move Without Using Copy & Paste

Most of us know that how to use the cut/paste function in word. Command X or Command V to copy and paste. However there is another trick in Word you can use for this.  While CMD + X or CMD + V are both great this just gives you another options.

When you are in Word just highlight the text that you want to cut and press F2. When you have it selected move your mouse cursor to the position that you want the text to go. Hit enter and you are done. Your text will be where you wanted it to be.

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Quick Text Select Tip For Microsoft

Want to select an entire paragraph in word? Just triple-click somewhere within the paragraph in Word and the entire paragraph will be selected. How about just selecting one sentence within that same paragraph? We go you covered with that as well. Press and hold CTRL key and click somewhere within the sentence you want to select and get that sentence highlighted.

If you want to select blocks of text like using the marquee tool you can do that as well. Much like photoshop you can apply formatting to a particular area. Do this by holding down ALT Key and drag the mouse to select a rectangular area of text to format.

These are just a few tips and tricks for Microsoft Word for 2014. There are many more out there just like being able to write anywhere on the page in your document.  Want to know that one too? Simple – just double click anywhere in the document and use is as a whiteboard. If you have a plan to upgrade your current OS to new Windows 8.1, be sure to check our Windows 8.1 Review and tricks in here.

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