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Check Out Some Google Zero Gravity Homepage and Barrel Roll Tricks

Google Zero Gravity Homepage and Barrel Roll

Welcome to our tips and tricks section.¬† Normally we go over tips and tricks for you laptop but today we wanted to have a little fun. Most of us use Google homepage for search. So today we thought it would be great to look at some of the Google Zero Gravity Homepage tricks that have been done for the Google search page. Sure you love using Google to do your searching but wouldn’t it be fun to play some tricks ...

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Five Quick and Free Ways to Speed Up Your Laptop for Gaming

how to speed up your laptop performance for gaming

So you want to play games on your laptop but its just so slow. I bet you have spent hours trying to figure out ways to speed up your laptop for gaming. Some laptops are just slow even if the laptop comes with latest configurations and you are not trying to play HD games. But just imagine just how slow that machine would run if you cranked up some HD games! Are there any upgrades that you can do to ...

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6 Simple and Easy Tips to Help Secure Your Laptop

Tips to Help Secure Your Laptop

Look you spent a lot of money on your laptop and even if its old now you probably have a lot of valuable data on it. The last thing you need to happen is someone stealing your laptop. Many people will tell you how to stop people from stealing the laptop itself but today we want to discuss tips to help secure your laptop in general. For some of use the information on our notebooks are more valuable then the ...

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6 Tips for Saving Your Laptop Battery

Saving your battery life

Look it doesn’t matter who you are – young or old, short or tall. Chances are you use a laptop and are probably tired of your battery always dying or needing a charge. Today will show you tips for saving your laptop battery life and extended it just a little bit longer. These are tricks that work well whether you have a new laptop/notebook or one that is several years old. The key is to make sure you are doing ...

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Windows 8.1 Review – Tip, Tricks and Things You Should Know

Windows 8.1 review and tip

Today we want to look at the new Windows. To some people it’s just the old Microsoft Window’s with the .1 add to the previous 8 versions. This Windows 8.1 review takes a look at some of the new features, explores what you need to know and questions some of the things that are still missing and maybe even some solutions.

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Easiest and fastest way to check hard drive health in Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS

easiest way to check hard drive health

Today, commonly laptop from Acer, Toshiba, Dell, Sony, Lenovo and other brand comes with a large memory space. This allows users to store a lot of multimedia files, document files and instal more Windows applications that designed for enhanced multimedia experience and productivity. Hard drive health  is the most important thing to ensures a smooth and seamless computing tasks. If you hard disk failure, your laptop or PC will be not load normally, slower performance and even your system will ...

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