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Top 10 Android Apps for Erasing Phone History

With new smartphones came the idea that phones should keep a history of everything that you do just in case you accidentally erase something you didn’t intend to.  While the thought was great as with everything people have found a way to use those things for wrong doings or just to simply be nosey.  From checking to see what you have done to finding old passwords and photos deleting your phone history can be very important and also cause a lot of trouble it not done.  Think if someone were to find your phone with its history still left behind for them to view.  This is not something you want.  Even if its not a theft maybe a friend or spouse is spying on you and you just don’t want them to know what you are doing.

Phone histories sometimes become a problem if someone has check our phone then he or she found things which we did not want to share. These things are embarrassing us.  However, if you are smartphone user especially Android user, this problem will not appear anymore from your life because there are plenty of apps which able to erase your smartphone history. Here are the Top 10 Android Apps for Erasing Phone History based on their ratings in the Play Store.

History Eraser – Cleaner

The first app of the list of Android apps for erasing phone history is History Eraser-Cleaner. The main features of this app are clearing browser history, call log, text messages, market and Google search history and many more. You just need one tap to clear them all. The working feature is like Cleaner on the PC.

History Eraser - Delete Smartphone History
History Eraser App for Android

Super Eraser

The next app is called Super Eraser. If you have sensitive files which contain personal data, you can delete it permanently. The features included scans and calculated your file size then ready to delete it permanently and make it impossible to recover.

1-Touch Cleaner

This app is able to clean apps cache, ram cache and even message and call log history. The main benefit is that you do not need to root your Android phone. It is easy to use and handy tool.

Apps History Tracker

The fourth app of top 10 lists for erasing phone history is Apps History Tracker. The main feature of this app are 1 tap to clean, quick access, clean all recent apps and auto clean recent apps when screen off.


Shake history cleaner lite

This app has a unique feature for your Android phone. You can erase your browser history by shaking your smartphone. This is very useful if your friend comes suddenly when you are using private activity on your phone.

Shake History Cleaner Pro Android Logo

Removed History Pro

This is the sixth app of the top 10 list for clearing your history on your phone. You are allowed to erase your browser history between last hour or all day. However, it only works on default browser.

History Eraser – Green Andy Lab

This app has a faster works than other apps. It also makes your phone faster because of erasing wasted apps. You can delete all history which you want in this app features. This app is able to delete chrome and Dolphin browser too.

History Clean

If your Android is running slow, you should try the History Cleaner. It will check and clear unused history and then it makes your phone faster than before. The key features included delete temp data, clear cache and history and auto delete.

Call History Manager

This app is focusing on your call history. Instead of deleting call history, this app allows you to make fake call log. Other feature is that you can backup and restore your call log in order to save some data.

Market Search History Delete

This is the last app of the top 10 Android apps for deleting your history on your smartphone. You can also hide your market history data instead of erasing them from your friends.

People are taking their history on there smartphones very serious and they should.  You don’t want people plundering in your phone and finding out what you are doing.  That is none of their business.  On top of that is just makes things more secure when you can delete personal things such as call history and any other information you deem to be personal.

Not only is cleaning your history great for security purposes but also so that you have room on your phone to do other things.  Remember a lot of phones these days still only come with less than 1GB after you consider all the bloatware that maybe on the phone.  Deleting things like phone call history and other things allow for that space to be used for something else.

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