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Top 10 Best Selling Laptops On Amazon to Buy for Black Friday

A new school year has come and while many people bought laptops for work or school when the new school year started there will be a lot of shopping and researching for new laptops when Black Friday 2014 comes around.  Sure we have few months to spare but this allows you to know exactly what machine you will be eyeing when one of the biggest sales of the year hits.  So we put together the best sell laptop computers list from Amazon just so you can see whats out there for you.

Amazon’s Top 10 Best Selling Laptop

Dell Inspiron i3531-1200BK 15.6″ Laptop

This is the best selling laptop over at Amazon.  For under $250 dollars you are going to get a laptop that comes with a 15.6 inch display, Intel Celeron N2830 processor, Intel HD Graphic and Window 8.1.  Amazon will also give you free shipping and at just 4.67 pounds this machine is light weight and ready to go. It doesn’t come with an optical drive or backlit keyboard but for the price how can one complain?  For more information check out some of the 392 reviews on this product here.

Best Selling Laptop Amazon - Dell Inspiron 15R
Dell Inspiron 15R 15.6-Inch Laptop

ASUS X551MAV-EB01-B 15.6 Inch Dual Core

Looking to stay under $300 and still get a pretty decent laptop?  This ASUS laptop model X551MA comes in as the second most sold laptop on Amazon to date.  With over 159 reviews it is rated a 4 out of 5 stars and comes with a screen size of 15.6 inches, 1366 x 768 screen resolution, 2.16 GHz Intel Celeron processor, a battery life of about 5 hours and is great for a home or study laptop.  Learn more about the X551MAV-EB01-B here.

Acer C720-2848 11.6-Inch Chromebook (Granite Gray)

If you are looking for something that has excellent customer ratings then this C720 Chromebook is your go to machine.  While it comes in as third on the Amazon Top 10 list this laptop has been rated by more than 4,000 customers and gets almost 5 stars out of 5.  This Acer C720 Chromebook comes with 16GB solid-state drive, 11.6 inch anti-glare scree, Intel HD Graphics and built-in dual band Wi-FI 802.11 a/b/g/n.  Light weight and ready to go at just 2.76 pounds with Chrome for the OS.  Click here to read some of the many customer reviews.

Toshiba Satellite C55-B5298 16 – Inch Budget Laptop

Want a new jet black laptop with a 16 inch display 500GB 5400 rpm hard drive with a Intel Celeron N2830 GHz processor? What if we told you, you can get one for under $300 dollars.  You can purchase one right now for almost 20% at Amazon with free shipping.  It weighs 4.85 pounds and measures 10.20 x 14.96 x 10.05 inches.  The screen resolution is 1266 x 768 and with this Satellite C55-B5298 you can bet that you are going to get a lot more laptop than you bargained for.  Read more about this laptop from Toshiba here.

ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-C1 GR S

Need a new laptop but this time looking for something that is a touchscreen also?  Well the Transformer Book T100TA is not only touchscreen but the ASUS laptop is also detachable.  The 64GB tablet dock comes in grey and is preinstalled with the full licensed version of MS Office Home & Student.  The ASUS Transformer Book comes with a keyboard dock with USB 3.0 port, an 11 hour battery life, 1.2 mega pixel webcam, 1.46 GHZ Intel Atom processor and 802.11 b/g/n wireless connection.  This is the ultimate portable laptop notebook.  Learn more about this T100 that is available in three different colors here.


Acer Aspire ES1-511-C59V 15.6-Inch Laptop

With a rating of 4/5 stars and over 150 reviews this is a nice inexpensive laptop.  If you need something for watching videos, listening to music, browsing the web, and doing some light task work this is it.  It doesn’t come with an optical drive but the screen is a nice size and is nice and bright.  Not a lot of bulk as the machine only weighs 5.2lbs which is not the lightest on the market but look at the price.  It comes with Windows 8.1 and and Intel Celeron 2.16 GHz with a 500GB SATA hard drive.   Webcam, USB 3.0 port, 2 USB 2.0 ports and more round off this laptop from Acer.  If you want to learn more about this laptop check out those reviews.

Toshiba Satellite C55-A5105 15.6-Inch Laptop

300+ people can’t be wrong when they say this laptop from Toshiba is worth your money.  Original list price was $399.99 but now you get get this online for as little as $276.00 with FREE SHIPPING that more than 30% off.  This Toshiba Satellite C55 comes with Intel Celeron Processor 2.17GHz with Intel Burst for up to 2.39 GHz.  Webcam, microphone, Multiformat DVD±RW/CD-RW, Windows 8.1 64-bit and WLAN 802.11 b/g/n are all standard on this little laptop.  Check out more on this C55-A5105 laptop from Toshiba.

Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch) 2012 Model

This is an oldie but goodie if you ask me.  The 2012 model of the Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch) is sell a top selling notebook.  It comes with a 11.6 inch display, Wi-Fi only, Samsung Exynos 5250 Dual Core Processor with 2GB DDR3L RAM 16 GB solid state drive.  Just remember that these Chromebooks don’t run the traditional PC applications.  Everything on the laptop is a web-based app which means you need to be connect to the internet to work.  Learn more about this and how you store your files in the cloud not on the actual machine here.

Toshiba CB35-B3340 13.3-Inch Chromebook 2

Another Toshiba makes the list but this one is the Chromebook 2.  The Toshiba CB35-B3340 13.3-Inch Chromebook laptop can be had for about $400.  Its not the cheapest one on the list but with a 9 hour battery life, 16 GB Solid State Drive, 4, GB DDR3L SDRAM and Intel Celeron N2840 2.116 GHz it might just be worth mentioning and considering.  If you are looking for something that has a fast start up and updates on its own you will love this Chromebook from Toshiba learn more and read reviews.

ASUS Chromebook C300MA-DB01, 13.3-Inch

4.5 out of 5 star is a bad place to start.  This ASUS Chromebook is under $300 usually about $239.00 on Amazon.  Comes with free shipping and 10 hours of wonderful battery life.  At just 3.1 pounds you will barely notice that you are carrying a laptop at all and it also has 16GB of storage.  The C300MA-DB01 is great for students or a backup laptop.  This is a daily use computer.  Learn more about the ASUS Chromebook C300.

There you have the Top 10 Best Selling laptops. If you want to look at more laptop just head over and look at the best selling laptops on Amazon.  They have a list of more than 100 different laptops with great ratings and prices ranging from $200 over a thousand dollars.  Happy Shopping!!

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