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The Top 4 Best Android Browsers You Should Have

The use of browser is really essential to connect you to internet. Imagine if your Smartphone is not completed with a browser?. Of course it will be impossible for you to able to connect to internet. Although we knew that when we buy a new Smartphone, inside,  the basic browser has been available. Therefore some of the user feel unsatisfied with the basic browser on your Smartphone. So, it is very important for you to exchange or at least add the new browser for your Smartphone. Here are  top android browser you should have.

Chrome Browser

The first top Android browser you should have is Chrome browser. Chrome browser or Google chrome has been so familiar for a long time. After Chrome is successfully released and used on PC, now it is available on Android. As we know that Google’s own is extremely great browser. It looks so great sporting that flat design. Its performance is really amazing and it has other benefits as well, for example a sync. Well, if you use a Chrome for all your devices (PC, tablet or Smartphone), you can crossing sync your open bookmarks and tabs.  It was a really big download and not too heavy on memory and not occur on this one.

Chrome Browser for Android
Download Chrome for Your Android

CM Browser


The next recommended browser named CM browser. This is the greatest browser that offers you everything you need in surfing internet.  Most of you probably ever heard this one. Overall this is so great and the download size is only 1.7 MB. In addition, it runs like a champ. That’s so lightweight, works quick fast, safe and the design is sophisticated enough. This browser actually is made by the similar team that made a Clean Master. Bookmarks features are available almost same like Chrome. You can download the both and make a comparison.

Dolphin Browser

Android Browser Dolphin

Dolphin browser is the next top android browser you should have. It is also the great browser that is extremely lighter and great functionally. Dolphin browser is completed with a “Gesture” feature at your disposal that helps you to aim the fastest access to your favorite web pages. Also, being completed with “Sonar” voice service that helps you in smoothing your activity in surfing.

There are many options you can get from this app.  It is equipped with a sync cross platform. You can also try a Dolphin browser for those who want to get something lighter and lighter on the features however.

Boat Browser

The last android browser you should have is Boat browser. Mini boat browser is also recommended for your Android. This is so reliable,  fast and offers some great functionality. Well, you can also add the stuff that you most use like as back, tab preview,  bookmarks, new tab shortcut, share perhaps by customizing the bar of Boat’s action in the bottom any way you wish to do. Okay, we hope that top android browser above can inspire you all.The Top 4 Best Android Browsers You Should Have

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