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Top 5 Best Dating Hook Up Apps for 2014 & 2015 (iPhone and Android)

Gone are the days where is seems that people are actually meeting people through friends and family.  Today it seems that if you are looking to hook up with someone you better find an app for that.  Call it a casual encounter, booty call or looking for someone long term – hook up apps seem to be all the rage for 2014 and possibly carrying along into 2015.  We wanted to take some time and check out some of the apps and here are the Top 5 Hookup Apps for iPhones and Android we found for mobile dating.


Seems that they and a lot of people think that they are the number 1 dating mobile app for people these day looking for love and relationships.  If you are single and are looking for someone its worth the free download.  It is available for both Android and iOS smartphones and those who are looking for dating, chatting, meeting new people and yes even hooking up will find this app useful.

POF Free Online Dating App

POF Free Dating Site
One of the dating apps that have been online in the industry for years POF decided they needed to create an application for mobile dating to go along with there official website.  It is one of the highest rated dating apps on the market and yes it too is FREE to download.  Unlike other meeting apps this one doesn’t require you to link up or connect to your other social profiles so you don’t get the feeling that you are being pushed into something phishy if you know what we mean.



It originally began as Bang with Friends, but bangs not only caters for male/female hookup but also makes sure to include the gay and lesbian communities as well. Before however this app was considered one of the bed sex apps however had trouble staying on the App Store listings.  This app lets you secretly express that you are interested in hooking up with one of your Facebook (FB) friends and if they want to hook up you get a notification and you can plan to meet.  However if they don’t your friend will know it was you. This app is simple to use and has a very cool and sleek design.


Want to hookup with someone but not to sure that its safe using these dating apps or sites?  Well this is where Tinder comes in to play.  You can download this app and Tinder says at least one of the people you are Facebook friend with will know the person you want to use the app to hook-up with.  It shows to photos of people and if you are interested you swipe one way and if you are you swipe the other way.  This is not for the faint of heart, if you mistakenly swipe the wrong way there is no way to undo it so make sure you don’t want to date a person before you swipe.  Its a fun way to flirt and there are a lot of people and best of all the person doesn’t know its you until the feeling is reciprocated.


Skout App Logo

Looking to find some local hottie or honk then the Skout app might be the best app for you to download.  Once you download it to your mobile/smartphone you can use it to meet people nearby, check out the people that have been looking at you and even earn points to unlock some of the premium features.  Where you are looking for a long-term relationship, just interested in hooking up, or making new friends this is a app worth downloading.  Be careful though there is a warning that Skout was used by predator in the past.

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