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Toshiba CB35-B3330 13.3-Inch Chromebook 2 Specs and Review

Are you on the market for a new laptop that is not only lightweight but also light on the pockets?  Not everyone what to spend $500.00 or more to get a new laptop.  For those who are interested in the more budget friendly notebooks the new Toshiba CB35-B3330 Chromebook 2 might just be what you are looking for.  This years Toshiba Chromebook is not only lighter but also much sleeker than the one they brought out last year.

The first Chromebook from the company was a fairly decent attempt for the company’s first model however this new one is leaps and bounds better.  If you are a person who loves crystal clear displays and weren’t happy with the older displays you are going to be happy with this one.  The new CB35-B3330 Chromebook 2 comes with the full 1080P screen and you also get IPS.  There is only one other notebook that comes with the IPS and that’s the HP model of Chromebook.  The difference between this model and the HP you ask?  Well with this one you are going to be getting the Bay Trail processor which is a little better than the processor of the HP.

While this is no means a powerhouse processor, nothing like the Haswell chips it will get modest jobs taken care of and you will have a very good battery life.  Just imagine if this Toshiba CB35-B3330 came with both Haswell chip and the IPS display, well for one it wouldn’t be this low cost.  The Toshiba Chromebook 2 comes with a price tag of just $250 making it very affordable and budget friendly.  If you order from Amazon you also save on shipping.  Battery life for this model is expected to be about 11 hours but we have not tested that.

Chromebook 2 from Toshiba
Toshiba CB35-B3330 Chromebook 2

The new Toshiba is a lot light than last years model and measures in at 12.6 x 8.40 x 0.76 inches and weighs just 3 pounds.  It comes in a silver color like most other devices which is rather boring and hopefully they change this up.  We get what many are trying to do but the cheap grey plastic isn’t the same as the high quality material used for MacBooks.  This is just grey plastic and at least some other colors would be a nice option.


The display for this Toshiba Chromebook 2 CB35-B3330 is the 13.3 inch screen with Intel HD graphics and a 1366 x 768 max screen resolution. You get the Celeron 2.16GHz for the processor and of course the Chrome operating system.  With up to 11 hours of battery life from the lithium ion battery you can enjoy this for hours.  This laptop is designed for people who are on the go and need to get things done faster and efficiently.  You can use this anywhere you can get internet access.  It never needs updating as it updates on its own and starts up in a matter of seconds.

The speakers are hidden very well in the keyboard and creates a surprisingly great sound.  This maybe because the speakers where tune and set up by Skullcandy.  It comes equipped with webcam so that you can keep up with friends and family.  Ports include USB 3.0 ports, HDMI output, SD card slot and more.  Unfortunately there is no backlit keyboard but these machine offers great value for the price.  If you have too high expectations chances are you will be one of those people who will be disappointed.  This Toshiba Chromebook 2 CB35-B3330 is not your high end notebook laptop and for sub $300 you shouldn’t expect such.

However is you are looking at the Toshiba CB35-B3330 for what it is and was designed to do which is offer internet, simple processing, word, light office work, and maybe a great backup computer or one for the kids it surely goes and beyond those expectations.  Its not for everyone.  This makes a perfect gift for a child or student and even for someone who does really need the higher end laptops.   If you like having lots of apps and windows open and work with editing video or such this is not something we would suggest buying.

Clearly when Toshiba went back to the drawing board they listen to what people where not happy about with the first attempt. This Chromebook 2 CB35-B3330 is a far cry from what they previously did.  We can see why people would want to purchase this machine.  However if you don’t know if you really want to get the Toshiba CB35 you can check out HP Stream 11.  Its price low but should deliver about the same as this Toshiba.  If you prefer a laptop instead of a Chromebook for the same price the ASUS X551MAV-EB01-B is a very good machine and has over 200+ reviews with a 4 out of 5 star rating.

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