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Toshiba Dynabook KIRA V654 Promises 22 Hours of Battery Life from Single Charge

Looking for a new ultrabook but battery life is one of the most important features? Well Toshiba Dynabook KIRA V654 is said to come with an estimated 22 hours of battery life for those of you who really need the power.

This KIRAbook from Toshiba comes with quick boot-up times, a great screen display. However, you know the saying for every good there is a bad and if you want a longer battery life you are going to have to give up something in return. The Dynabook KIRA V654 is foregoing having a touchscreen in order to be able to save on battery power.

You know there had to be a catch but if you really need twenty-two hours then maybe not having ability to swipe is worth it. Toshiba Dynabook KIRA V654 without the swipeable screens will come with 1,366 x768 screen resolution on the 13in ultra book and will weigh in at just 2.469lbs.

For those who are not sure if having the battery life is worth it lets look at this. The more expensive and higher resolution Dynabook KIRA V834 will come with 14 hours of battery life, swipeable screen, 2,560 x 1,440 screen resolution and will cost about $1,530.00 USD.

Toshiba Dynabook KIRA V654 specs
Toshiba Dynabook KIRA V654 Impressive 13 inch laptop

The Dynabook with the 22 hours of battery life will come in at $1,446.00 and you will not have the high resolution, the ability to swipe the screen and only save about $100. So you must really decide if having an extra 8 hours of battery life is worth it for you.

It is not matter to the rest of the world for now though as many of Toshiba’s made in Japan’s ultra books you may not even get a chance to buy it. Many of the laptop’s made in Japan never make it out. Let’s just see if  Toshiba Dynabook KIRA V64 and V834 make for us to use. If you are Toshiba’s fan and need a decent laptop for hard work and play but did not want to breaking the bank, the Satellite P55-A5312 15.6 inch laptop is a good choice that you can get for prioce under $650. Comes with 4th Intel Core i5-4200U “Haswell” processor as the heart, this laptop can produces maximum internal resolution at 1920 x 1080 pixels.

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