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Toshiba Satellite C70D-A-10L Inexpensive and Good for the Price

As always people are looking for the best for the lowest prices.  If you are looking for laptops you may find it hard to get good quality for low cost.  The new 17.3 Toshiba Satellite C70D-A-10L could be the one for you.  This laptop comes with the Kabini quad core processor and will only set you back about about $615.00.

This is not going to be your high-end powerhouse laptop like the ATIV Book 9 Plus NP940X3G-K01US but instead what you will get is the Satellite C70D-A-10L that is good for general tasks and usage notebook. If you have some work to finish up at home or are looking for a good laptop for the kids this is one that is worth it.  Do all your web browsing, video calling, movies watching on this machine and still have room to have it perform like you need it too.

The design of the Toshiba Satellite C70D-A-10L is make of plastic unlike some of the other laptops on the market but this is one of the reasons for the much lower price.  The color of the Toshiba C70D-A-10L is matte black and features textured surfaces on both the display cover and the palm rests.  For the price it looks and feels good and the matte black finish gives you that nice sleek cool look.  It is not fragile and the hinges on the laptop keep the display in position with barely and bouncing or wiggling.

Front View Toshiba Satellite C70D-A-10L

For connections you will that most of the ports are located on the right side of the Satellite C70D-A-10L with only the power and USB 2.0 on the left.  The right side features the Ethernet, VGA, HDMI, one USB 3.0 port, one USB 2.0 port, headphone/microphone ports, and Kensington Lock.  You will find the DVD Burner on the left side of this Toshiba with the card reader located in the front.


This Satellite C70D-A-10L from Toshiba comes with a 17.3 inch glossy screen display with 1600 x 900 native resolution.  This isn’t the best screen we have come across but it gets the job done and is worth it for the price.  The screen is however good enough if you need to do some professional editing and video work.  You also get good wide viewing angles and this laptop gives you good display even from the sides however vertical angles are not as good.

The Toshiba Satellite C70D-A-10L notebook comes with Windows 8 preloaded.  Since there is not DVD for Windows it might be a smart idea to simply create a recovery disk using the Windows Recovery media creator once you get this laptop home.

Though this notebook is great for web browsing and every day usage this is not a gaming laptop and should not really be used as such.  It comes with the Kabini APU  A4-500with 1.5Ghz however it does not feature Turbo Boost.  This is not your Intel processor so don’t expect it to keep up with some of the other machines you may be use to using.  Overall the Satellite C70D-A-10L performs well and you want better performance you can do so with a SSD.    For storage this Toshiba Satellite C70D comes with 500GB with the Radeon HD 8330 GPU graphics.

This machine runs quietly and for the most part stays very cool.  The battery time is not the best or worst of the bunch coming in as just 7 hours of idle run time.  If you are in the market for a simple inexpensive notebook with a large screen this could be something that is worth while.  For word processing, watching movies, surfing the web, email and video chatting via Skype this is a great little machine.  The Toshiba Satellite C70D-A-10L notebook is quiet, cheap, doesn’t consume a lot of energy and at sub $700 is a decent price.  If you are not sold on this Toshiba check out the HP Pavilion 17-E019DX with Intel Haswell that is just under $400.

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