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Toshiba Satellite CL15-B1300 11.6″ Mini Laptop Review and Specs

Need a nice new laptop with an affordable price?  The new Toshiba Satellite CL15-B1300 is a mini laptop that is sure to please those on a tight budget.  It comes bundled with the Windows 8.1 with Bing for the operating system and a 11.6 inch display.  While you won’t get the best performance out there they 2GB of RAM and the Intel Celeron N2840 processor is still pretty decent considering you are only going to be spending under $300.  This Satellite CL15 comes without a fan so it is very quiet and makes a great device for the home as a second computer or something for the children to use for school or other daily use.

For the price don’t expect the machine to be made from the high end material that the other more expensive laptops are made of.  This Satellite CL15-B1300 comes with a plastic outer shell and given the nice Toshiba Fusion designed finish is still looks a little more higher quality than you actually pay for.  The nice satin gold color work very well for this notebook pc and it covers the whole body including the lid.  For a finishing touch Toshiba aded there metallic logo on the bottom corner giving it a more premium look and style.  We didn’t mind the color but few thing a nice black or sliver would have been better and not a flashy.  Considering most laptops are in cases or carrying bags these days we don’t think it really matters.

It is worth mentioning though that this is a very small laptop and man or women with big fingers might find it a little difficult to use the keyboard.  For the smaller more petite hands and fingers this will work just fine.  The Toshiba Satellite CL15 measures 11.4 x 7.8 x 0.86 inches and weighs less than 3 pounds making it very lightweight and portable.  At this size you can bet you will have no problem slipping it into almost any of your current laptop bags and it should also be very easy to hold the Satellite CL15-B1300 in your hands as well.  The battery life however comes in at around five hours which is almost a full three hours less than that of the Stream 11 from HP.

Toshiba Satellite C15-B1300 Front View
Satin Gold Satellite C15

While as we mention you should not expect the CL15 laptop to be a powerhouse is does come with the Intel Celeron Processor N2840, 2GB DDR3L 1600MHz(max 2GB).  If you need something more of a heavy duty machine we suggest up the funds and going for a bigger better laptop.  This is clearly a machine that is meant for light office, day to day computing or something for a student.  For the operating system it comes with the Bing Windows 8.1 edition and up to 2.58GHz when you add Turbo Boost but normal clock speed is 2.16GHz.  The display is a 11.6 inch 1366 x 768 max resolution screen that allows for decent viewing from multiple angles.  Its and HD display that features Toshiba’s TruBrite technology that does well when playing PC games on low settings or viewing your multimedia.


This mini laptop is going to be great for internet browsing, video chats, watching video, using Microsoft Office and other light applications.  Don’t overload the system by having to many applications open and trying to stream videos as you might notice some lag.  Toshiba did a good job with the Satellite and made sure this CL25-B1300 came with LED backlit display that is paired with the Mobile Intel Graphic giving you a nice 16:9 aspect ratio viewing angle which supports native resolution.  You can play 720p video on your display or you have the option of connecting the HDMI port for external monitors and TV that support 1080p HD video.

We hope you don’t need a lot of space on the actual laptop as this only comes with 32GB of solid state flash memory for internal storage.  Even so, the Toshiba Satellite CL15-B1300 laptop does come with the media card reader slot that works with SD, MMC, microSD and other devices that will allow you to save much need files.  If more is needed remember you also have the option of storing other information securely in the cloud.

Toshiba Satellite C15 Side View
Angled View of C15-B1300

For listening pleasure you will get an okay sound but nothing like the high quality sound from other higher end spec laptops.  You will actually be better off connecting external speakers or headphones verses listening on the mini laptop from Toshiba.  If you are in a quiet enough room and don’t turn the volume up to loud the quality is fairly okay.  For ports you get a USB 2.0 and 3.0 port, it also comes with a 3.5mm audio combo jack, with Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11bgn Wi-Fi LAN for internet connection.

Sure this is not going to win any awards for the most powerful or best designed laptop but the 11.6″ Toshiba Satellite CL15-B1300 mini laptop has it’s place for the right person.  If you need something that is lightweight, portable, that can run Office, allow you to surf the net, play light gaming or just a backup computer this is it.  Especially for those who don’t have a large budget.  Those Satellite comes in at just $249 which makes it hard to beat for the price.  If you want something a little more powerful and are willing to increase your budget just a little there are other devices like the HP 15-g018dx in the $350 and lower range that come with bigger display and faster processors.

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