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vSphere Client Download – The Trusted Interface for vCenter Server and ESXi

When it comes to visualization software there isn’t a shortage of products to choose from. However one of the more trusted brand and sought after than vSphere.¬† For those of you not really familiar vSphere Client is the principal interface for administering vCenter Server and ESXi.¬† For the user interface it is actually configured based upon the server on to which it is actually connected.

While many will just want to jump into the downloading process you must be remember that this is a very complex product that has a variety of components that must be installed and setup.  To make sure that you are successful with downloading and successfully deploying vSphere you need to be very aware of the sequence of the tasks required and understand them.


Downloading and Installing vSphere Client

  1. First things first you need to make sure your system actually meets both the hardware and software requirements for installation.  You can see those here.
  2. To download this product you need to start by going to a Windows device and opening up a web browser window.
  3. You will need to use a configured host and type it into the browser as the address.
  4. Once you have done that you should get and option to actually download the vSphere Client  which will be located under Getting Started tab.
  5. You will need to click on “Save” as this will now start the downloading process and once downloaded¬† it is ready for installation.
  6. Look for the tab labeled VMware-viclientbuildnumber.exe and you see this click it and it will run the installer.  Make sure to choose the correct language before pressing next.
  7. Go through the process making sure you read before just pressing “next” for everything.¬† When you get to the part that say “install” click and proceed.¬† After a brief period you will see “finish” click it and the installation will finish.
  8. After downloading the client and verifying that your system meets the requirements you need to determine which ESXi install option you will need to use. Options for installation are: Interactive ESXi, Scripted ESXi, Auto Deploy ESXi, and customized installations with ESXi Image Builder CLI.
  9. Now determine just where exactly you are going to locate and boot the ESXi installer.  For those who are PXE booting the installer, you will need to make sure that the network you using has the PXE infrastructure properly setup.
  10. Then you are going to install the ESXi.
  11. After installation you need to then configure the ESXi boot and network setting and more.
  12. Then you will install vSphere¬† to manage your ESXi host.¬† Don’t forget to make sure you license your host and back the configuration.

There you have the downloading and install for vSphere Client.  If you need more help you can check out this page here as well.  It will give you more detailed information and steps for those who have never gone through a process like this before.  A lot of people seem to have trouble downloading and installing this client so if you did hopefully this cleared things up for you.  If not please visit the link above as it is much more into detail.

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