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Windows 8.1 Review – Tip, Tricks and Things You Should Know

Today we want to look at the new Windows. To some people it’s just the old Microsoft Window’s with the .1 add to the previous 8 versions. This Windows 8.1 review takes a look at some of the new features, explores what you need to know and questions some of the things that are still missing and maybe even some solutions.

Windows 8.1 is the new PC operating system for Microsoft. Some will tell you that its about time the Microsoft released a new system as the 8 version of the operating system came out about a year ago.  Others think that the Windows 7 version is far better and should have been left alone. No matter the company has moved on and brought out a newer version so you can either stay with what you have are go for the upgrade.

The first thing people want to know when they hear a review of Windows 8.1 is what in the heck are the new features, so lets start there, but first lets be remembered that last year was a big change for the operating system so you shouldn’t get too excited to think that there are going to be a lot of changes this time around.

Windows 8.1 review and tip
Windows 8.1 Review, Tip, Tricks

New Features and Tricks for Windows 8.1

There are a few features that are new to updated operating system.  For starters, you can boot directly to the desktop in Windows 8.1. What this means is that you can actually skip the Start screen and go directly to the desktop. For some that doesn’t mean much and others will love it. Do to this you first need to find and click on the Desktop tile.  Next you will want to right click on the Windows 8.1 taskbar and select Properties, and then on to the Navigation Tab. After that you need to check the box that is labeled “Go to Desktop instead of Start when I sign in.”

Something else that the new Windows 8.1 allows is for the user to have more customization of operating system in term of slideshows and wallpaper. While doing this Windows 8.1 review we had a blast just setting the background for the desktop and start screens.  Sure its not big but hey we can do it on phones it would make sense to be able to do it on your notebook.  This 81 release allows you to now set the same images for the background for the desktop and Start screen. This time around your computer lock screen can even play a slideshow that you create.

To create the slideshow you need to go to Charms menu, sleet Settings, and the you will want to click on “Change PC Settings'” and after you have done that you want to simply open PC & Devices and toggle the slideshow switch to on.


For changing the background wallpaper you need to find the Charms menu and select Settings. Here you will want to select Personalize and then you will be where you can change the color and design of your background.

You also not have the option to disable Hot Corners in the new 8.1 Version of Windows.  Last year when Hot Corners was introduced with Windows 8.0 you would have to install some type of third party app just to disable the feature.  This year to disable you simply go to PC & Devices and select Corners & Edges. Find Corner navigation and switch them off to disable.

There are some other features like being able to resize the tiles on the home screen. Before you only had two options in size and now you have: Large, Wide, Medium and Small options. You can also now unpin a tile, resize it, or make the Live Tile turn off.

The Long Lost Start Button

When reviewing the Windows 8.1 version you will notice that the Start button is back of sorts. While it is back I would say its what most people were hoping for.  Sure something is better than nothing since the previous version made it a nightmare just to navigate.  However if you are interested in have more options for your Start menu you should check out one of these:  Start8, Start Menu 8, Start Menu Reviver, or Classic Shell 4.0.

For the most sure the new version of Microsoft Windows comes with a start button but the menu itself is not up to par with what we all know and love. If you are looking for the classic look and feel of the old Windows pop-up you may just want to try one of the above mentions utilities.

How Much is Windows 8.1 and where do I Get It?

Well as far as cost goes you can pay $120 for the regular version, $200 for the PRO version that is really for businesses, and you can even get it free if you already have the Windows 8 version.  As for getting and installing it – if you need to purchase it you can visit Microsoft’s site and buy it but if you already have 8.0 you simply just go to the app store and download it.

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Which is Best? Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1?

It really is hard to say since I don’t use Windows 8.  Most people I know still are in love with Windows 7 and don’t look to upgrade until they have to get a new computer and even then if it is possible they will probably stick with version 7.  Going from 8 to 8.1 one shouldn’t be that big of a deal so I would put them at equal on because the new Windows 8.1 has some features I know many will enjoy.

Thanks for taking the time out to check out our Windows 8.1 review and learn some tips and tricks that you may not have know about.

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